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Comparison Of The Uniqueness Of Baroque Era And Modern Era Music

Each era has its own unique and recognizable sounds that was started from countless composers who crafted it. Many sounds are shared by artist from the mid-eighteenth century to the modern music we listen to today. The birth of all music is placed in the...

Evolution of Music Genres During the Baroque Era

Classical music consists of several different musical genres. They are symphonies, string quartets, piano sonatas, opera, and the concertos. The goal of this research is to explain what a concerto is, review the most famous concertos and contrast traditional concertos to modern Hip Hop music....

Influental Composers During the Enlightenment and Baroque Era

In Europe during the seventeenth century, great reform on the culture, religion, and daily lives of Europeans occurred due to both the Thirty Years War, 1618-1648, and emerging Enlightenment ideals. The post-war period resulted in the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire along with the...

Analysis Of Bach'S "Air On The G String"

Everyone in the world should have the privilege to be able to hear the extraordinary musical masterpiece “Air on the G String” composed by Johann Sebastian Bach at least once in their lifetime. Bach’s piece “Air on the G String” is the second movement of...

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