Essay Samples on Kpop

The Dark Side of K-Pop Industry

The day I started writing this article was also the day I happened to visit a book fair in my hometown. I was more than surprised when upon entering, I could hear ‘Fake Love’ by Korean boy band BTS blasting on the speakers. While I…

Understanding the Influence of KPOP On Filipino Teens

Kpop are becoming more popular in Asia especially in the Philippines more particularly on Filipino Teenagers or what we call nowadays as millennials. The influence of Kpop on Filipino teenagers is gradually increasing. The visual, music, choreography, and artistic content of Korean music and videos…

My Attitude To BTS, Korea Boyband

BTS, Korea boyband, arguably the biggest boyband in the world today. Maybe you’ve heard it, maybe you saw it at Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. A group of sweet-faced young people who took k-pop to the next level. I’ve written a bit about how k-pop…

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