Essay Samples on Kpop

The Star Of K-pop, Bts, And Their Relation To Fans

In today’s generation, music with various languages has gain traction with the international audience. One of them is Korean music, or what is often referred to as KPOP. Not knowing the language doesn’t stop us from enjoying it. KPOP has become a global sensation that...

Reasons Why K-pop And Korean Music Are So Popular

South Korea is well-known for beautiful places, delicious foods and modern technology. However when people talk about South Korea, they will mention about K-pop as well. K-pop is an abbreviation of Korean pop, according from an encyclopedia, K-pop “is a genre of popular music originating...

The Visibility Of K-pop As A Music Genre And Wave

“There are three things that make K-pop such a visible and unique contributor to the realm of pop music: exceptionally high-quality performance, an extremely polished aesthetic, and an “in-house” method of studio production that churns out musical hits the way assembly lines churn out cars”...

Exploring Why K-pop And Korean Wave Is So Popular

Intro Hello everyone. Today I will be discussing how the integration of social media into Kpop fandoms, particularly through video streaming platforms like Youtube, has affected fan participatory culture, by altering the interaction and behaviours of fandoms and the distribution of Korean content throughout the...

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