Analysis of the Masterful Film Editing in "Run Lola, Run"

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Analysis of the Masterful Film Editing in "Run Lola, Run" essay
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Run Lola Run also differentiates the camera quality in certain scenes throughout the film. An example of this is the relationship with Lola’s father arguing with a woman in his office. The camera quality is in a VHS grainy tape style. However, this juxtaposes to when the camera is filming Lola’s life is very sharp and clear. And when assessed the technique clearly is effective in a thriller to express on the different moods each setting although the radio waves do not need this technique as it would just take away the desolate scenery in the film. The split screen (juxtaposition) helps to show time; when the screen is divided into two or three frames, on one there is Lola running, on the other, there is Manni waiting for Lola, and in the last frame at the bottom of the screen is a ticking clock which is counting down.

The many edits in the Tykwer film allow him to suddenly bend into the time-space continuum to create a unique plot style. In run Lola run the same situation or narrative was ran over three times and in each time retelling Lola’s choice and different procedures to acquire the hundred thousand in cash before noon. Tykwer had used a recurring red room scene where the two characters’ question each other each other love this has not been edited in so effectively the viewer would become lost and confused in how the plot was laid out. The time-space continuum gets taking right off its hinges without anyone really noticing but at the same time it was important not to lose the breathless driving edge to everything or to allow it to appear as an end in and of itself. (Persson, 2000)

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Tykwer had believed speed was the main focus of this film yet he had based his film around the image of a woman running which led him to believe that speed was essential to the viewer's interest. This was represented in the short fast cuts. Each shot was no longer than a few but when edited together provided much coverer age in the scene. Different scenes and locations being no more than 10 seconds between each other. When edited together it represents Tykwer's symbolic appreciation while also being visually appealing. The main theme of this movie in my opinion is time. Everything clearly shows and represents time in this film. For example, Lola running, the jump cuts, the clocks, the ticking sounds, fast-paced editing, and much more. Everything in the film has an impact on the audience's understanding of the film. So when they see a clock, they can relate that to time. (Dancyger, 2011)

Framing in the film follows the basic rules of composition you see sudden changes between shot type and quality. The camera work in the film is very smooth, especially in the running scenes. You’ll notice camera shots very rarely wouldn’t draw the viewer’s attention without the use of the editing techniques. The few shots that draw attention to themselves, for example, would be the jerky 360 around Lola whilst she's thinking on what to do. This camera technique doesn't need editing as it already symbolizes that she is decision making. Camera angles in the film help show emotion and location to also add to the narrative. The film uses shots like long shots to give a view on where Lola is running to. It uses extreme close-ups and close-ups to show who has power and expresses feelings. These emotions and visuals are sometimes hard to capture in the editing process. One of the more overly used camera angles used in the film is the use of the low angle shot they help support the character in which makes them look bigger, harder and stronger. (Cleve, 1999)

The pleonastic sound is used in the sequence of Run Lola Run a great example of this is through the repetitive shot of the clock. The sound of the clocks ticking gets louder. This is very effective as it heightens the noise in the shot causing the scenes of the characters (Lola & Manni) running out of time as the clicking gets louder and louder. Another sound device used in the scene is the ambient sound shown in the scene through muffled sounds and whispers. Whispers add to the hunted feel of the thriller genre giving an element of horror giving a feeling of being surrounded or being followed. The overall soundtrack of the film is techno which plays throughout the film from start to finish and is mostly played in the scenes where Lola is running. The track is at a contrast fast pace as even the non-diabetic background music is sped up to imitate the crucial running out of time scenario. The rhythmic relations enhance the suspense of the film. It is quick and upbeat when she’s running supports the fast cuts and short shots. This emphasizes to the audience the suspense and pressure Lola would be feeling, which heightens the impact it has on them as they’re on edge about whether she’ll succeed or not. (Holman, 2010) “If you’re still aware of where you come from and what your influences were, but you make something of it your own, something that is special and has a unique quality and doesn’t feel like a rip-off”. -Tom Tykwer

In conclusion, Run Lola Run is an outstanding example of the arts and crafts of editing within the film industry. it is a great outstanding example of the basic application of different yet exact conventions of film editing. Looking over the action/thriller genres as well as the plot of the film, it is therefore concluded that the fast-paced editing techniques are expected as the action is concurrent and the element of time matters. Effective editing is measured through continuity and completeness as manifested on the films totally. Tykwer's Run Lola Run has won many awards for its editing and has influenced future filmmakers and editors some even using the exact same concept as Tykwer.

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The essay examines the film "Run Lola Run" and its utilization of editing techniques to convey themes and enhance storytelling. It delves into various aspects such as camera quality, split screens, time manipulation, camera angles, sound, and music. The writer highlights the effectiveness of these techniques in creating mood and emphasizing the film's thematic elements. The essay displays a competent understanding of editing's impact on cinematic storytelling and discusses the director's intentions in employing these techniques. However, the analysis could be more focused and organized, providing deeper insight into specific scenes and their relevance to the themes. Additionally, the essay would benefit from clearer transitions between points and the use of specific examples from the film to bolster the argument.
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Thematic Focus: Provide a more explicit connection between the discussed editing techniques and how they enhance the themes and narrative of the film. Scene Specifics: Include detailed examples from the film to illustrate the impact of editing techniques on particular scenes and moments. Structural Clarity: Organize the essay with clear transitions between points to ensure a coherent flow of ideas. Depth of Analysis: Explore the director's creative choices in employing editing techniques, shedding light on their purpose and impact on the viewer's experience. Cohesive Conclusion: Summarize the main points and insights, offering a concise conclusion that ties back to the initial theme of editing's significance in the film industry.
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