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The Contrast Between Realism And Unrealism In The Movie Run Lola Run

Throughout “Run Lola Run”, the director uses his own style of filming to convey us to stay in the movie. The director uses the movie to show unrealism by character development, realism by setting, the theme of the video game concept, and the way the...

Lola Rennt: The Importance of Individual Choice

Every second of every day we are faced with decisions that can potentially impact the course of our lives. What street we chose to walk down or who we chose to talk to has a domino effect that is not immediately visible or present. How...

Analysis of the Masterful Film Editing in "Run Lola, Run"

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Run Lola Run also differentiates the camera quality in certain scenes throughout the film. An example of this is the relationship with Lola’s father arguing with a woman in his office. The camera quality is in a VHS grainy tape style. However, this juxtaposes to...

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