Culture Shock: Communication In The Business World

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Culture Shock means the “trauma” that an individual experiences when they move from their home culture to a different culture. This causes uncertainty that can be very stressful. There are five stages of culture shock: The honeymoon stage, Crisis stage, Adjustment stage, Acceptance or Adaptation stage, and Reentry shock. The effect is always different for different individuals.

When I planned to go abroad for my further studies, I was a little worried that how things going to work for me. I prepared myself for the same and gave my IELTS and started to apply for the courses at different colleges related to my under graduation. Then I got the offer letter from Conestoga College for the Global Hospitality course and I was overwhelmed to get into this school. My mother was the one who was so worried to send me alone to a new country as she is over possessive about me. Then I applied for my study visa, and the opportunity which I received was that my course included mandatory co-op which was going to be an advantage for me in my career. Then, after receiving my visa everyone was happy and then I got here.

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It took me one month to be comfortable in this new culture, new environment, new people. At first, it was a little difficult for me to make friends because I was always with my family for the past 20 years and I have never been alone doing everything. Here, I had to make my own food, do my college assignments, find a part-time job to earn money for my fees and a living. It took me a month to make good friends and three months to get a job. It was a hard time for me because I was always surrounded by my family members. The first month was the most difficult one for me. I used to cry alone in my room, feel lonely all the time. But, fortunately, I am very happy now and want to explore this culture with more interest and enthusiasm.

The major symptoms which I felt in the first month of being in Canada the most are homesickness, irritability, excessive sleep, family tension and conflict, loss of ability to work effectively, psychometric illness, boredom, unexplainable fits of weeping.

I personally experienced the first four stages of culture shock that are present. The honeymoon stage- fascination and excitement with the new culture; Crisis period- excitement turned into disappointment; Adjustment phase- begin to accept the new culture and involve themselves in the activities of the new culture; Adaptation or acceptance phase- feel at home in the new culture.

I personally learned many new things in this new country with a new culture. I learned how to earn money for myself, how to be independent and do studies and jobs together. I learned how to make good friends and adapt myself to a new culture with all the positive and negative aspects of life.

I would preferably tell others that they should always remain in good company and never overpower anyone on themselves. Always be optimistic and cross all the hurdles with happiness and with a positive mindset. If you experience culture shock in your life being in a new culture always cope up with good thoughts, like non-acceptance of the host culture; substitution; addition of behavior of the host culture; synthesis of two different cultures and resynthesis that means integration of ideas found in either culture.

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