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Singaporean Companies During International Expansion

Singapore has always been a nation which has been much involved in international business activities. Such has been true of the country in the past; this fact remains the case to this day. Singapore’s heavy international business involvement largely stems from the fact that the...

Kiasuism As A Major Part Of Singaporean Culture And Society

Kiasuism has served as a unifying force to bind Singaporeans together, thus fostering a sense a sense of national identity. Kiasuism has value in its ability to unite the masses and instil a sense of belonging in Singaporeans, which is especially important in an increasingly...

Intercultural Sommunication between Singaporeans and Norwegians

Culture gives messages to shape perceptions, attributions, judgments, and ideas of self and others. In today’s global workplace, culture is an essential part of conflict and conflict resolution. However, having different negotiation styles, decision-making methods and opposing views about a situation will cause intercultural conflict...

A Detailed Overview About the People of Singapore and Its Culture 

Singapore provides an array of opportunities to people as the country has developed as an economic giant in recent years. It is a multi-cultural country with people from different ethnic groups and cultures living in this modern city. You can find Chinese, Malays, Indians, Arabs,...

Hofstede's Six Dimensions Applied to Singapore and Israel

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Introduction Today, we are living in an increasingly shrinking global village, increasing communication and travel. Culture become more transparent, business people will know the cultural differences between two countries before the cooperation, Challenges and opportunities coexist, different greeting ways, different skin colors, different languages, those...

History of Singapore's Recreational Activites and Sports

Since Singapore's independence in 1965, sports have played an essential role in the development of social interconnection, teamwork and understanding among Singaporeans (Singapore Sports Council, 2007). In 2001, Singapore sports experienced a tectonic shift in the government position, marked by the formation of the Committee...

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