The Weakness and Distraction of Love

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An argumentative dialogue between the Plowman and Death about their different perspective on each other. The main argument is about how the plowman blames and scolds for all the lives that he took while Death replies that human emotions are just weakness and what he is doing is for good. I assert that the power of love and friendship just distracts humans from the filthy reality of Death. As a result of my belief, the plowman’s anger and scolding toward Death when he took the life of his wife is unjustified. In my opinion, Death’s arguments include logic while Plowman makes use of emotions.

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The plowman uses feelings and emotions of love as his main support for his argument. The plowman’s insults and scolding to Death is unjustified. Death was created to take the life of humans. The plowman begins by referring to Death if he has any emotions by saying,” Truly, there any good in you, yourself would feel pity”. How can Death, who takes hundreds of lives every day, feel any pity toward the lives he takes? Plowman doesn’t realize that Death is just doing what he is supposed to do. Saying to God,” your enemy, and enemy to all”, The plowman begins to call God to take revenge on Death because of what death has done to his wife. This approach of the plowman is questionable. How can God punish Death for something that Death was created to do? Foolishly, the plowman doesn’t consider how God would take revenge on one of his creations. The plowman continues blaming Death for multiple other things he did. The plowman asks about the souls of the soldiers, the nobles, and the innocents that Death took in the last few days. Blaming Death for the lives of all the good people, the husbandman doesn’t consider all the evil lives and the corruptness that would affect the world if there was no existence of his “enemy”, Death. As a result, he plowman’s anger and feeling for vengeance for Death are completely unjustified.

Death uses reality and logic as his main support for his argument. Because he took the soul of the plowman’s beloved wife, Death was accused of evil actions. Death uses logic to respond to the plowman’s accusations. He responds to the plowman, saying,” he is foolish who weeps for mortals”. Death begins by defending himself and saying,” senseless people call evil good, call good evil”. Unlike humans who divide themselves into superior and inferior divisions based on money, skin color, and religion, death claims that he doesn’t differentiate between people when it comes to taking life. Use of logic and reality as a defense. Without Death, younger generations wouldn’t have a chance in the world. Death kills people so that new generations would be able to thrive. He says,” you ask us what good we do, you have already heard that we do more advantage than harm.” Use of ridicule and sarcasm is used to show the plowman how stupid his argument sounds. Death makes the plowman feel how he isn’t wise by showing that even prophets, messengers, and wise people die. Why should you be of any difference?

Feelings of friendship and love between humans will inevitably break and finish. Human death constantly happens in the world. Haruki Murakami once said,” Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it”. Feelings are just a weakness to humans that will eventually cause sorrow and despair. The plowman doesn’t accept the death of his beloved wife. Instead, he argues and reproach Death on why he took his wife. He doesn’t want to accept the fact that Death is just doing what he was created to do. Either by separation or by death, Love and friendship will eventually break. Death is questionable about Plowman weeping for someone that was eventually going to die. Death’s use of logic is supported by the reality of how things will happen. If people didn’t die, overpopulation, war, hunger, and many other world problems would happen. Death says,” life is created for the sake of Death. If life were not, we would not be, and our business was naught; nor would the world order exist”. However, people might disagree with Death’s argument. Life is different without emotions, love, and friendship. Love is a thing that provides both interest and meaning to human lives. Without it, life would be boring. The plowman says, “But if joy, love, delight, and diversion should be banished from the world, then the world would be in a bad way”. However, even though life without emotions would be different, it doesn’t change the fact that Death’s use of logic is true. Generally, Humans don’t want to accept the bad reality of their lives. For example, the plowman knew that his wife was going to die sooner or later. However, he kept weeping for his wife’s death. Emotions of love and friendship distract humans from the dirty reality that humans are going to die sooner or later.

Feelings and Emotions of love and friendship only distract humans from the cruelness of the truth that all humans will eventually die. In the end, the argument between the Plowman and Death ends with victory to Death when God says, “So plaintiff, yours is the honour! And Death, yours is the victory!”. Death use of logic helped him win the argument against the plowman, who uses emotions to support his argument against Death. Because he used feelings as his only source of support, The Plowman’s anger and sorrow were unfounded. The wrong belief that Death was enemy of all mankind and God lowered the argument of the plowman. In my opinion, although the feeling of love makes meaning to life, it is still considered a weakness as love will inevitably terminate and break.

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