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The Woman Warrior: Using the Willpower as Your Strength

A warrior is often viewed as someone that competes in physical battles, however, in the memoir, “The Woman Warrior”, that is not so. A character by the name of Kingston is portrayed as a warrior but the so-called warrior qualities of a physically competitive individual...

The Diary of Anne Frank is a Powerful Testament to the Strength of Human

From the secrets written to Kitty we can learn the other side of World War 2, a side which is rarely, if ever, seen. The diary gives us a glimpse into Anne Frank’s fundamental view of the world, that view will give us a better...

Angelina Jolie as a Leader: Strengths and Influence

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What a leader looks like to one individual may be different to someone else. A leader can range from the President of the United States to even a parental figure. Leaders possess unique traits that distinguish themselves from other individuals. A leader deals with a...

Philip Lombard Representing Mankind’s Universal Strengths And Weaknesses

Unfortunately, there is no lack of cunning, heartless individuals in humanity. Philip Lombard from Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, is no exception. The unique traits of Philip Lombard represents mankind’s universal strengths and weaknesses from his paranoid and unaware sense, his at times...

Linear Vs. Daily Undulating Periodisation For Muscle Strength.

Periodisation is used to systematically plan an athletes training throughout the year. Different variables including volume, intensity, exercise choice, rest and frequency. which are organized into different phases of Macrocycle (1 year up to 4 years), mesocycle (monthly blocks) and microcycle (weekly) with the intentions...

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