Analysis Of The Speech “Why We Should All Be Feminists” By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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Throughout the years, feminism is commonly thought to be only associated with the fight of women’s equality, however it’s linked with the fight for human equality for all genders. In the Ted Talk, “Why we Should all be Feminists,” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. This speech was intended to demonstrate how people still treat men over other genders. Her aim is to bring change to the way humans view one another. To show how disgusting it is to live in a world where this is still happening today. She uses the rhetorical devices of ethos, pathos and logos to persuade her audience to change the way they act towards each other.

She uses ethos when discussing how her being a feminist makes her hate African culture, pathos when stating her own anecdotes from her life and logos when bringing up how it isn’t logical to continue to have specific gender roles. Chimamanda explains how Nigerians thought of her as someone who hates men, bras and African culture because she is a feminist. They think this because there has been so much negativity towards feminists, and false claims that they want to be more than equal to men, but that isn’t the case. Even after she called herself a happy African feminist it didn’t change anything. She was still seen as a feminist that wasn’t happy. Women are still not treating the same as men. When she walked alone into a hotel, in Nigeria, the workers of the hotel assumed that she is a sex worker because she is a woman walking alone. The presence of it would change the way the workers view the woman. Chimamanda also uses pathos to persuade her audience to change they mind about gender equality. She uses an anecdote to describe, how specifically men, are sexist when it comes to women doing something. For example, she gives a valet a tip and as she was giving it she was walking with her friend Louis. The valet thanked the man thinking that the reason she had money was because he gave it to her and not that she herself earned that money. This makes me feel bad and, in a way, disappointed with how we as humans haven’t evolved to accept being a man, woman, or another gender as treated equally. Adichie said, “We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller. We say to girls that you can be ambitious…”. The quote also stated that if women would be more successful than men they will feel threatened. I understand that they would because their only competition for so long was with men.

Men should think about the amazing possibilities women and men working together can have for the world. She does an outstanding job trying to persuade the audience, her examples and quotes definitely opened up the minds of the listeners to be more accepting. With some of her examples, she made the audience sometimes laugh to realize how idiotic it is that we are so behind evolution in this matter of gender equality. Chimamanda also uses the pressures of society to not be logical therefore, they cannot have equality in our world if society is like this. Society depicts man needing to be masculine, cooking food isn’t seen as something a man would do and the women are ultimately expected to cook because they are a woman. Adichie even says that because you are a man or a woman, the ability to feed yourself should be dependent on yourself and not somebody else.

It is a stupid thing to think about but it’s true, I have no idea how to cook myself a basic meal and without my mom I would eat fast food or order something to eat, now that I think about that it’s true. She also stated that focusing on the ability to achieve something instead of focusing on something because it is what your gender should do is illogical. The person would be better off doing what they can and enjoy then to conform to society’s gender specified lifestyles.

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