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Death Related Encounters And Life Expectancy In The United States

Death Related Encounters The experience of death in the United States as a rule incorporates three segments. First is the experience with the demise (it is the means by which individuals experience passing in their lives). Also is the mentalities toward the demise (it is...

Reasons Behind the High Suicide Rates in the U.S.

Depression and suicide are widely discussed mental health issues in today’s society and bring about significant health concerns. Over 40,000 Americans die by suicide each year resulting in approximately $44.6 billion in combined medical and work loss cost in the United States alone. (Centers for...

The Impact of Gun Control on the Homicide and Sucide Rates Worldwide

Introduction In 1787 as the founding fathers of the United States wrote the U.S. Constitution, they made sure to include the “right to bear arms” as the Second Amendment. Since then, the people of the United States have associated guns with liberty (Sernau 2012: 127)....

Death By Prescription: Doctors' Handwriting Causes 7,000 Deaths A Year

The jokes about physicians and their sloppy handwriting are age-old and more or less contented among doctors themselves. But for some people it is not funny at all. A misread prescription can lead to mistreatment and cause death. In several countries the printed doctor prescription...

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