Communication: Solution for Cultural Appropriation

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Imagine you’re a Roman Catholic and it is one of your beliefs to do the sign of the cross and you have a friend that has different religion of yours. You’re friend saw you doing sign of the cross and she’s doing it also even though it is not part of their belief. Apparently, you will feel disrespected or you will be insulted right? Before I forgot, such a pleasant and wonderful afternoon to all of you that is here today. My name is Blete Mae Dante and I am standing again here in front of you to share my opinions and ideas about the solution for cultural appropriation.

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Let us go back to the situation I said recently. Of course, you will feel disrespected or insulted and at the same time, you may inquire for what reason did she do that sort of movement. You and the friend of yours must communicate so you will clearly get it what is her reason of doing it and so both of you will know the sides of each other. You can be wondering what the difference between the situation I said is and the cultural appropriation. Well, cultural appropriation is when an individual or individuals grasp the components that are particular from other culture; such as religious beliefs like I said, images, sounds, traditions, the words and their pronunciation and this kind of action is really unacceptable and selfish.

A lot of cultures in the world now a day are having misunderstanding because of cultural appropriation. Because they would say that it is insulting their historical backgrounds and beliefs. This is actually true because it is like you are adopting something that is not yours. You are like getting something even though you do not have any possession on it. You own something that must now be own. You are not giving justice to those who really owns it. You just get it without them being acknowledged, and this could be considered as a pernicious to those that being colonialize. But this may be outperform through communication so the issue will not develop huge and the scorn will not cultivate.

Communication perhaps fair a basic word but this word implies a parcel to diverse things and one of it is arrangement for cultural appropriation. Through the communication between different cultures, things, expressions, and feelings can be expressed. They would able to know each perspectives and opinions between the two sides as what I have said recently. Communication is really important that is why we must always look into it as a solution for things that we feel like it cannot be solved. Communication must always be considered because even it is a simple thing, it can solve big things. Before I end this speech I will leave a reminder not just for you that are here today but also for those that are out there; everything can be outperformed in case there's a communication in between and we must continuously keep in mind that, to obtain better a tranquil living.

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