Cultural Differences And Human Relations

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Since ancient times, humans are looking for communication, no person can live alone, as a man by nature tends to mingle. The environments where humans live are different, and therefore their cultures vary. Culture forms human, their behavior, and identity. Culture is their way of life, referring to the language, beliefs, values, norms, general behaviors and substances passed down from generation to generation. However, even if culture is diverse, meaning the presence of various cultural groups within a community, it is still quite the purpose of humans to get to know each other. Cross-cultural friendships can provide a very rewarding life experience for all participants, but due to cultural differences, they can also lead to misunderstandings and difficult emotions. Different cultures have different attitudes and beliefs about life, expectations of human behavior in the social environment, and expectations of different understandings of relations. The relationships are solid; the connection between us is the basis of change. Building relationships with humans from diverse cultural backgrounds is critical to building a strong and diverse community that is important enough to achieve important goals. The question here to be answered is: How to build relationships with humans from many different cultures?

It may seem strange that in order to get to know humans in other cultures, we begin to become more aware of our culture. Yes, awareness of our own culture is very important, it determines the similarities and differences between us and others. Culture itself is the sharing of beliefs, opinions, religions, ethnicities, and experiences between one community. These similarities make culture common to one group. Knowing our culture makes us know exactly what our views, beliefs, and understanding make us accept in order to build relationships between us and others. Culture is constantly evolving and changing. It comes from generations of ancestors and today from families and societies. In addition to the cultural groups we belong to, there are also groups that we are familiar with, such as parents, athletes, immigrants, etc. These types of groups are not exactly the same as a culture but look like cultural groups. Recognizing that our identities are different, helps us to understand what constitutes a cultural group.

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Humans can understand each other's culture in a variety of ways and build relationships at the same time. Decision-making is the first step; in order to build relationships with other humans, we must work together. The community has the power to work to separate us from each other. Humans from different economic, religious, ethnic, and racial groups are often isolated in schools, workplaces, and nearby areas. Therefore, if we want to make things different, we must take effective measures to make them different. Participate in teams and sports clubs, internships in organizations, and choose to work or move to neighbors who are related to humans from different cultures. You can also spend a few minutes observing the variety of the narrow. By observing humans who meet and interact with you, you may become more aware of the cultural differences around you. If you decide to be friends with someone different from you, you can continue to be friends just like others. It may take more time and stability; you may need to communicate more with the initiative than before. Human who are abused by the community may need more time to trust than human who are not abused.

Another step is to go to group meetings and celebrations to meet with different members. Alternatively, you can sit in a restaurant or other meeting place where various cultural groups gather. You may feel embarrassed at first, but your efforts will pay off. If you are likely to participate in one of their activities, members of the cultural community will notice this. If it's only difficult for you to participate, you can bring friends and support each other to make friends. We all have misleading information and stereotypes about humans from different cultural backgrounds. Especially when you are young, you will get this information on a small part of the TV and listening to the public and culture. We are not good because we have this; no one asked for false information. However, to build relationships with humans from different cultural backgrounds, we need to recognize the wrong information we get. A great way to learn stereotypes is to talk to stereotypes about human with similar cultures. In these environments, you can talk about the bad information you get without disturbing a specific group of human. Meet one or two friends and discuss your feelings about stereotypes and fear of others.

Humans often want to ask questions about their lives and culture. Many of us were told that it was strange to ask a question. However, if we are sincere and thinking, asking questions can help us meet and build relationships with humans from different cultural backgrounds. Humans are often surprised when others show interest in their culture. If you are loyal and can listen, human will talk to you often about their culture. Reading and understanding human culture and history can be very helpful. If you know the truth about someone's life and story, it means you have paid enough attention and found it over time. It also provides basic information to make it easier for you to ask logical questions. However, you don't have to be someone's cultural expert to meet him or ask him. In any case, he is usually the best expert in culture. Listening to human stories can give you a more complete picture of human's lives: emotions, shadows and rich life. Listening to human stories can help you overcome numbness; there are real humans in front of you, not humans who are limited to media stereotypes. In addition, listening to members of discriminated groups can help you better understand this experience. Listening allows us to get distinctive images that are more realistic than images obtained by reading an article or listening to a broadcast. In addition, it is necessary to consider the differences in communication methods and values. We don't think the majority is correct. We all tend to think that the way most humans work is acceptable, natural, or correct. As a cultural group, we need to understand the cultural differences in values and communication methods, rather than assuming that most human way of thinking and acting is correct.

In conclusion, interpersonal relationships are strong, and our relationships make our lives meaningful. In many cases, our common interest is to work hard to change ourselves. Keeping in touch with human from different backgrounds is critical to making a big difference in the community. You can change society as a person or as a group. We can create communities and facilities to ensure strong relationships and alliances with human of different cultures and backgrounds. We can build alliances with networks that human want to notice and help others. Knowing our culture is the basic step, without knowing who we really are, we cannot understand other cultures. Trusting that different is good, we can learn about others, and make new horizons to get to know other cultures. It is our duty to make humans feel welcomed, we must believe that there is no discrimination, based on race, ethnicity, religion, or culture.     

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