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Legalisation of Gay Adoption and Parenting in USA

Gay were allowed to adopt in June 26, 2017 after the Supreme Court inversed Arkansas Supreme Court by authorizing all states to allow same-sex couples to be issued a birth certificate same as opposite-sex couples. This law became valid in all 50 states. This approbation...

The Debate and Issue of Gay Marriage

My friends and I were talking about a very sensitive matter just some days back. Keep in mind that some of them are gay which is no longer an issue in this present day and age. There were those who were still quite offended about...

Progression of Gay Liberation and Its Expression in a Way of Gay Marriage

In the United States, 135,000 children are legally taken in and brought up by an adult that is not their biological parent each year. This action, known as adoption, has shaped an abundant amount of lives. Imagine being one of the 428,000 kids are in...

Gay Adoption and the Scientific Perspectives on Childhood Development by Family Type

Abstract This paper discusses some of the scientific research that attempts to answer the question of whether or not gay adoption is bad for child development. While some sources argue that the ideal parental standard is a heterosexual pairing, research suggests that parental sexuality does...

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