My Cultural Identity and Preserving Ancestors' Traditions

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I'm a multicultural person living in the United States. Born in the Philippines; I was wrongly recognized as a Latino in my school from time to time. Both of my parents are Filipino, and I both speak fluent English and Tagalog, but I don't speak Spanish. My father was a Soldier in the Philippine Army, and my mother was a Lab secretary in a Hospital. My family possesses Spanish, Filipino, Chinese, and American Cultural traditions. Also, my great-grandfather was a soldier of the United States Forces in the Far East during World War Two. He began the American and Military Culture in my blood.

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My Cultural Identity was formed from my interests, hobbies, family, and religion. I'm someone who loves the Military, technology, and Aviation. These make me happy and enough to celebrate life. When we moved to the United States, people say that I'm from Mexico or Chile. Astonished, people are speaking to me in Spanish instead of English. The main people who mistakenly recognize me as a Latino are my classmates at Hoover High School. People also discriminated against me for my appearance. Do I look like Pablo Escobar's Men? Well, it's a yes and a no. I'm an armored vehicle developed from the Princess of the Orient that roams around town.

They say that I'm inefficient and weak since I'm thin and brown. People always look at my physical identity. They didn't know that I'm a Tank that has enough ammo to take out half of DC. The reason why I looked like a Latino is due to the Spanish Colonization in the Philippines. My physical appearance adopted the physical characteristics of my Spaniard Ancestor. My family taught me to be a good Christian. I always exalt God and love my neighbor with all my heart. The people judging me according to my cover will never penetrate my armor. They also taught me that race is not determined by identity.

To forgive is to love my neighbor. The people who discriminated against me will forgive. It is the responsibility of humanity to forgive sins. My cultural identity is like a Bradley Fighting Vehicle. It is composed of a laminate armor (my Values and Religion), 25 mm Bushmaster Rapid Cannon (my Interests and Traditions), Cummins diesel engine (my family), and a TOW anti-tank Missiles (my education). The development of my tank possesses a discrete culture of my own and the combination of heritage. Do not judge my bizarre culture, values, and education according to my race. My cultural identity is the foundation on which I live my life. I'm a war machine.

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