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School Shootings And Mass Media

So many tragic and deadly mass shootings have happened all around the world. The United States of America is not any different. With a population equivalent to 4.27% of the total world population, the USA represents the home to the biggest number of mass shootings...

Radio as a Medium of Communication and Information Spread

Radio is sound communication by radio waves, transmitted through cables and received by an audience through a device commonly know as the Radio. At first radio was perceived as a toy without any beneficial applications, this view was quickly overturned after a few years of...

The Issue Of Media Bias Towards Politics In America

Current political achievement depends on the control of mass correspondences, for example, television, radio, paper, magazines, which are all essential hotspots for the general population to remain educated on day by day exercises of the American republic. The American political system has continuously formed into...

A Scandal In France

In the recent days, France is shaken by a scandal that is being portrayed by the French media as a state affair. The scandal erupted after a video was published by Le Monde on July 18th showing a man posing as a member of the...

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