Adaptation To The Culture In Acculturation

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People acquire the necessary components of language, customs, and values of their new cultural environment. Managing one’s identification with host and ethnic cultures are required for survival and functioning in the receiving society (Chen, Benet-Martinez, Wu, Lam & Bond, 2013). This report aims to measure at the process of the acculturation of our second guest who, for the purpose of this report will be depending on Feras Daboul is a migrant who was born in Syria, Damascus, For now, has lived in Poland for 7 years. He is currently living in Warsaw, Poland.

The analysis for interview. First, I will write relevant measures from his personal and professional life and Second, his official status as a migrant in Poland, his knowledge about values. After the development of each statement, I will diagnose his cultural adaptation according to Boski ́s Model of Acculturation and other theory Bennet’s model.

When analyzing the answers and logs, it is important, to understand what is the difference between fact and his personal conclude. To maintain the scientific background of the report, all information must be carefully checked. When looking at Feras ́private life, it was said that he comes from Syria. But he does not himself describe as a Syrian. Also, he was married to a Polish woman. He is currently single. And he didn't give too much detail about his family. and the only thing he said about them was that he was talking on the phone once.

In this part his speech on learning the language, he made a point and complained that it was difficult to learn Polish. And according to him, when he heard Turkish speaking. He thinks it is weird. He mentioned that when he arrived in Poland he got depressed. “The language barriers are important and it needs to accept at ones’’ He mentioned this statement before in his speech, participating polish culture is easy. He fit the polish culture. Also before coming to Poland, Feras worked in the resettlement team of the UN Refugee Agency in Syria. He said before “never say never or never say forever” that makes him easier to understand life. In his theory, Bennett describes what changes occur when evolving through each step of the scale. Summarized, they are the following: From Denial to Defense: the person acquires an awareness of the difference between cultures

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From Defense to Minimization: negative judgments are depolarized, and the person is introduced to similarities between cultures.

From Minimization to Acceptance: the subject grasps the importance of intercultural difference.

From Acceptance to Adaptation: exploration and research into the other culture begins

From Adaptation to Integration: subject develops empathy towards the other culture. Bennett, M. J. (2004).

he has given Arabic classes and is currently teaching Levantine Arabic past year and a half. He mentioned, he does not describe himself as Syrian. and there is a sentence says strong words about it. It's not my home anymore, I don't feel comfortable, he believed he could live everywhere and did not think. He had a single culture. He thinks that the change in himself is not culturally difficult and does not change. But sometimes he was talking about things he missed. then he said that the streets, houses, and atmosphere were a different one. Feras is currently working as a Cultural Mentor for foreigners at the Centre for Helping Foreigners of the Ocalenie Foundation in Warsaw.

When we analyze in this part Fera's legal case in Poland, he is not considered a refugee. Because he chose to come to Poland and get married to a Polish woman obtaining the permanent residency visa. He seemed a bit anxious when he talked about getting citizenship. Feras has a high content knowledge about Polish history, social norms and behaviors and his approach were flexible and open towards the new culture. Making money and finding a job facilitates cultural cohesion in Poland. And the question of a showing an example of a culture shock to the story of two men attacking him. Emotional expression of Feras, he showed great, excitement to sharing his experience in Poland. I will measure and diagnose Feras level of acculturation. According to Boskí ́s Model of Acculturation. Culture learning and cultural competences are the essences of his approach. He mentions that “acculturation is about learning and acquiring a foreign culture while maintaining that of origin” (Boski, 2017).

He said in the interview I’m maintaining my original culture. I will never forget that for now. According to Boski ́s Model, the main factors or layers of any culture that contribute to a person ́s cultural adaptation are the learning or acquisition of cultural symbols, language, and values. So he said I’m fit to polish culture and norms. And knowledge about polish language is very good. “Cultural symbols cover a large field of personal and material objects, and important dates/public holidays, which create the landscape of a country or region” (Boski, 2017). However, he tells us “lm not celebrating anything” He knows the meaning of Polish celebrations and days of memory and identifies them but he is not celebrated. He said when I came here for the first time I feel depressed. That is a similar statement for boski‘s acculturation theory (difficulties of adaptation). In conclusion, we can accept for Feras is an open and flexible person allowed him easy to create templates for the second culture. According to he said ‘I can live everywhere’ that statement is approved me.                 

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