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Adaptation To The Culture In Acculturation

People acquire the necessary components of language, customs, and values of their new cultural environment. Managing one’s identification with host and ethnic cultures are required for survival and functioning in the receiving society (Chen, Benet-Martinez, Wu, Lam & Bond, 2013). This report aims to measure...

Acculturation And How It Influences Intercultural Communication

After finishing the intercultural communication competence (ICC) course, I learnt a huge amount of knowledge through some specific examples from various countries. This course goes in details with definition, categorization, patterns and effects of intercultural communication. In the eyes of academic study, phenomena are analyzed...

Acculturation: Impact Of Cultural Change On Depression

We will utilize the one-shot case study pre-experimental design with Afghan males to find out whether the level of acculturation has an effect on their level of depression in their first five years of arrival to the United States. According to Rubin and Babbie (2018),...

Acculturation: Living In A Different Country

Imagine living in a different country than what where you were born and grew up in. Now imagine if most people in that country spoke a different language and expected you to learn that language with little to no help. This can have a major...

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