How Christmas is Celebrated in Pakistan

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In every country, there are special occasions that are celebrated by different communities. These days can be social, cultural or religious. Countries based on one main religion, have tolerance towards each other. Muslims celebrate Eid, Hindu celebrates Diwali and Christians celebrate Christmas.

On this special occasion, we have different traditions that we follow. We put on our best dress, cook delicious food and invite our friends and family for the feast. Pakistan is a country where every minority is safe and has the freedom to celebrate every occasion. We as a nation, invite everyone in our celebrations, just like Muslim Christians in Pakistan feel enthusiasm.

In Pakistan, December 25 is a public holiday, celebrated by our Christian community. There are more than 5 million Christians in Pakistan, and we as a nation, celebrate every Christian festival like Easter and Christmas.

Before the main event, there are different spiritual seminars take place all around the country. These seminars are very popular, especially among Muslims in Pakistan. On 25th December, a big procession takes place from St. Anthony's Church Lahore to Cathedral. There are also celebrations in different shopping Malls like Emporium, Packages, etc. Not only this, the Muslim community also welcomes carol singers and offers them something to the choir. Mostly the money collected from such activities is distributed among the poor.

However, Christmas in Pakistan remains full of security. Police are appointed outside the church, with metal detector doors mounted on the entrance. These security measures are used to tackle any unpleasant situation at the main event. We Muslims also believe in the holy character of Christ, therefore let our Christian brother and sisters enjoy this memorable occasion. Most people decorate their houses with lightning, and there are Christmas trees showcased in almost every famous park.

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This is the day Christians wait for the whole year. They save money, buy gifts for their relatives and friends and express their love and emotions to society. On Christmas Eve, Churches in Pakistan are packed with vigil-mass services. Christians go to church and courtyard to visit their loved ones and celebrate Bara Din.

While we're at it, let us share some Outstanding Traditions that happen on this day.

Cookie Exchange Party

Yes! Delicious as it may sound. Cookie exchange parties are the best to share the joy and have the best meal mutually.

Angel Tree

This will catch everyone's attention. This is a tradition in which people donate different things to needy children. Usually, you pack your gift as Angel tree papers and write the name of the child and address.


This tradition remembers the Messiah, that they praise Him by singing beautiful songs. This is no doubt one of the best traditions in the Christian community.

Food Bank

People arrange food banks and donate free food for the whole day. This keeps our faith in humanity, as Allah Almighty also teaches us to feed the poor.


Most people around the world think that Christmas is a festival only of Christians. In Pakistan, this narrative is completely different. Fortunately, 25 December is also the birthday of the founder of Nation, Quaid-e-Azam, thus nationwide holiday is enjoyable. As the founder of Pakistan said, 'You are free to go to your temple. You are free to go to your mosques or any other places of worship in this state of Pakistan'. In Pakistan, religion keeps humanity on the top priority. We wish a happy Christmas to all our readers throughout the world. Have a wonderful time!

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