Ethical Considerations Regarding Canada-Saudi Arms Deal

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When it comes to the idea of ‘tTradition’, the novel introduces us to a Hispanic setting which is also set in the past. Throughout the text Tradition is received in both extremes being that the main protagonist is restricted from adolescencets by it, whilst the main antagonist uses it to maintain matriarchal dominance is the ranch. On page 7 it is said that, “… everything on the kitching side of that door, on through the door leading to the patio and the kitchen and herb gardens was completely hers.” This quote shows and element of limited human perception and in psychological terms, y. You could also argue that it plays upon Jean Paul Sartre’s fundamental ‘observations’ on ego and perception in likings to existentialism.

Though it is almost moot due to it’s impractical insubstantiality, it is still relevant in psychological terms. The way that Tradition is relevant is in the prevalence in its appearance because their culture seems to revolve around food; therefore, the kitchen would be the assumed focal point in regards to cultivating the setting. In contrast to the philosophical point before page 8 introduced some literary elements such as foreshadowing. The paragraph includes, “While Tita was singing and waving… Rosaura was cowering in the corner… Gertrudis, on the other hand, found this game enticing, and she threw herself into it with enthusiasm.” This bit of ‘foreshadowing’ is more accurately character development but, it can be seen as coincidental or deliberate in the way that it would tell an acute reader exactly what kinds of roles those three character would play throughout the narrative.

In this case Tita is one to fully absorb the tradition of the culinary arts whilst Gertrudis is able to just enjoy it, but on the other hand Rosaura completely rejects the activity. The most potent effect that tradition has on Tita, the main protagonist, is when it restricts her from a freedom that is easily enjoyed by others. “… ’…being the youngest daughter means you have to take care or me [Tita’s mother, ‘Mama Elena’] until the day I die.’” Though all of these lot points are found within the first 10 pages of the novel it is important to recognize that the author choose to maintain extreme continuity and compensates with fewer yet, more extreme digressions from the main plot. This could be seen as the main antagonist to Tita, assuming that antagonists and be simple ideas akin to tradition, for it disrupts her life long goal and, like a true antagonist, is overcame by the main protagonist over time. All in all tradition is a very strong character in andit of itself even while regarding it’s intangible and translucent characteristics because you can practically see it’s shapes in the way it manipulates the world around it and affects the people employed upon it.Feminist Body ParagraphFeminism is surprisingly well addressed in this novel in a fairly subtle way which makes it an essential element to the narrative without stealing importance from the main story. In the beginning we have a sort of ‘matriarchy’ established through the character of Mama Elena with her very dominant presence on the farm. Even at the very unconventional end she plays a part in the development post-mortem.

On page 89, “When the revolutionaries arrived, they were met by Mama Elena at the entrance of the house.” This is the scene in which the Matriarch is defending her land from potential invaders and she does so with enough spite to keep them off her area and people. On page 159 the Author writes, “If poor Mama Elena had known that even after she was dead her presence was enough to inspire terror-” This displays her everlasting dominance in the farm and the effect that she has on the people whom she was surrounded by that seems almost traumatic. Lastly on page 178 it is said, “She was a general in the revolutionary army.” This very clearly shows that Gertrudis rather than become a member of a brothel she takes claim of an entire army.

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