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Controversial Impact of Reality Television Shows

Reality television shows have a lot of impact on teenagers and housewives as they get hooked on to the shows. Teenagers of the 21st century are more inclined to having a screen in front of them. Similarly housewives tend to be addicted to watching reality...

The Impact Of Television Movies And The Advertisement On Audience

INTRODUCTION Media is a medium that are popular among people nowadays. People often spend their times with media rather that other stuff. Television show or movie are the trending thing that people watch these days for a lots of reason such as entertainment, advertisement, news,...

The Impact Of Television On One’s Travel Preference

Introduction Nowadays, the entertainment industry around the world is very flourishing, especially in the drama aspect. Take Korea as an example, many people are mainly acknowledged on Korea from Television (Kim, Kim, Agrusa & Lee, 2012). It changes one’s view of the country shown in...

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