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Thirteen Reasons Why Being Appropriate For Middle School

Jaws dropped and hearts ached as millions of people around the world were left flabbergasted at Hannah Baker’s tragic story. Th1rteen R3asons Why explores the world of a high school teenager enduring the emotional and social hardships that every adolescent must surpass. Hannah Baker ends...

Motivation Of People Seeking For Revenge

People tend to become extremely motivated in the pursuit of seeking out revenge on others for various reasons. From something mediocre to an extreme. Revenge is the forceful desire to inflict hurt or harm to another for a wrong suffered at their hands or just...

Dystopia The Handmaid's Tale & Hunger Games

Imagine, for a moment, living in a society where public information is strictly controlled, propaganda being your only source of knowledge, independent thought is frowned upon, and your freedoms are restricted as you are perceived to be under constant watch. Although written nearly two and...

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