The History of My Father's Military Past

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In the interview I did with my father, I got the chance to learn a lot about his thoughts, opinion and what he experienced during the early 2000’s. Most of the questions I asked my father was questions based around the 20th century, the war on terrorism. My reasoning for asking so many questions on the war on terrorism is to hear his opinion about one of the biggest most recent problem in American. The 20th century is what I have the most knowledge about, also grew up in. I have a somewhat knowledge of politics, technology and economy. So, it's cool to see what my father has to say about this era, Im able to get two different perspectives and what it was like to serve in the military.

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During this time my father was a Staff Sergeant in the military. His base were he was located at was Travis Air force base in Solano County. His job in the Air force was a tactical Air Force Maintenance Mechanic. A Maintenance Mechanic job is to make sure that all aircraft in their care are ready to fly at anytime or a moments notices so the pilots don't have to worry about their plane and just worry about completing their mission.

My father said most of the planes he worked on were C-5s. This planes provides the Air force to be able to carry outsized and overloads at one time. They are known for hauling twice as much as much cargo as any other plane. For example, they can carry multiply tanks, helicopters and military trucks. One of the first questions I asked my father about was “if he thinks that we could defeat terrorism by using violence or the use of Military force'. His answer was after seeing the collision of the twin towers in New York and seeing on live television all the people running from near death, jumping from the twin towers because that was their last resort. Everyone was in shock and got caught off guard because no one has ever seen this before and this type of terrorism has never happened before in American history. So, the American Government had to come up with an answer fast and that was to fight violence with violence.

My father would agree with the American government to try to fight violence with violence. He believes that terrorism has become a huge global factor that has affected other countries besides the United states. In our times now you never know when and where the next terrorist attack could happen. Its making the American people scared to even step outside. At any time of day the American people could be part of a Terrorist attack. Another question I asked my father is if “advancements in technology good or bad compared to older times.” His thoughts on newer technology has it helped improved people's daily life. He thinks without tech people other peoples life would be worse or harder. Just think, without medicine, food and other daily technology things that are necessary wouldn't be right there to help us when we need it most. Which is normally at a moments notice.

So, when people think technology is bad, my father looks at them like their crazy. Just Imagine looking around your house and seeing no technology. Now days, almost everything is build using some sort of technology. With advancement in newer technology there has been lots of new gadgets have been able to make people's life easier and more comfortable. Interviewing my father has made me realize that we share most of the same beliefs on certain topics in the world. I have definitely learned a lot from interviewing my father. He has truly inspired me to join the Airforce after I get my 4 year degree. By, joining the military I can help and try to stop terrorism in American. Which well make me feel like im honoring my father and is a privilege to be able serve my country. I have seen what life long benefits the military has done to help my father and all the same reasons that matter to my father, I want them to matter to me as well.

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