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Crucible: Human Obsession with Reputation

Human’s are everchanging and constantly evolving people, but some things remain true even today and were also true 300 years ago. Reputation has always been something people have held very dear, even if it means discarding things or people close to them. The dignity showed...

How Effective Restorative Justice Actually Is

Accountability is owning up to our own mistakes. Acknowledging our wrongs, rather they are self-harm or harm to others, has a huge effect on the healing process. A simple apology goes a long way. This is something that we have learned since childhood, yet adults...

The Doctor Shaming on the Social Media Platforms

Doctor shaming is the act of humiliating someone in medical profession specifically the physicians. The shame evidently comes from initiating negative feedbacks towards the doctors. It can be done face to face interaction, and even through text based. Nowadays, hence, technology is very advanced, people...

Body Guilt and Shame as Predictors of Isolation and Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is the dread of social circumstances that include association with others. The uneasiness and nervousness of being contrarily judged and assessed by others is called social anxiety. The physical symptoms of social anxiety include Muscle tension, rapid heartbeat, Stomach trouble and inability to...

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