Perspectives On Caring, Nursing as a Profession and Discipline

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Healing to the patient that it means nurse solve the health problems of patients which nurse implements the nursing intervention in form promotion, preventive, curative, or rehabilitative. Exhibiting concern, it means nurse always commit and focus on the patient interest. Empathy for other, it means nurse understand of feeling and the problem of patients and help them. Compassion means care their suffering. Empathy and sensitivity is the feeling to the human pain and joy, enter into the experience of patient. Love means sympathy towards others, in order to promote health condition. Consequently, love starting with knowing, relationships, and understanding to person’s freedom, development and alleviate of suffering. Whereas, sensitive means nurse perform quick to respond to patient’s feeling. Respect means nurse regarding the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of patients. Helping means nurse assist and facilitate the patient for fulfilling of their human basic need. And, finally Genuine means nurse taking care of the patient with honest and authentic.

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What is Your Idea of a Caring Nurse

Based on my experience in mental health nursing especially in community mental health my idea about a caring nurse is unstigmatized. It means the nurse is not making the patients shame feeling as an effect their health condition in the community. Stigmatized often is experienced by patients with a mental health problem, hereditary disease, very infectious disease, a disease that it can cause a physical defect, and other serious illnesses. Nurses must stay assist to the patients with all condition and they give equity services to the patients.

How Does the Nurse When he/she is Caring

When the nurse is caring he/she can do Tronto’s four phases of caring, they include caring about, taking care of, caregiving, and care to receive; and four elements of care: attentiveness, responsibility, competence, and responsiveness of the care receiver. However, to implement Tronto’s four phases of caring is not easy because the good care demands more than just good intention. Good care is a practice of combining activities, attitude, and knowledge of the situation. Therefore, they need the ability to give adequate attention to the patient, excellent skill, good attitude or affection, and good knowledge in caring for the patients. (Lachman, 2012) Swanson (1993) stated that nurse performance of caring can be showed in the 5 categories these are:

  • First, Knowing (empathetic understanding), it means striving to understand an event which it has a meaning in the life of the other. The caring behavior in this category includes avoiding assumptions, centering on the one cared for, assessing thoroughly, seeking cues, and engaging the self.
  • Second, Being With (Emotionally Present). It means being emotionally present to the other. The caring behavior in this category includes being there, conveying availability, sharing feelings, and not burdening.
  • Third, Doing for (Enact For). It means doing for the other as he/she would do for oneself but no more. The caring behavior in this category includes anticipating their needs, performing competently/skillfully, and preserving dignity.
  • Fourth, Enabling (Empowering). It means facilitating the other’s passage through life transitions and facing a future with meaning.nThe caring behavior in this category includes Informing/explaining, patient education, validating-giving feedback, generating alternatives-thinking it through.
  • Fifth, Maintaining Belief (Esteem).

It means sustaining faith in the other’s capacity to get through an event/transition and face a future with meaning. The caring behavior in this category includes believing in/holding in esteem, maintaining a hope-filled attitude, and offering realistic optimism.

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