Principles And Steps In Applying Positive Discipline

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Positive discipline is defined as type of discipline using positive alternatives and non-violent methods—is based on seven key principles which can act as classroom rules for you in your role as the teacher or leader.

They are as follows:

  1. respecting students dignity.
  2. developing pro-social behavior and encourage self-discipline.
  3. maximize the childs participation in class discussion.
  4. respect the childs progressive needs and how they take worth of life.
  5. respect the childs motivation and life views.
  6. to assure justice through equality and non-discrimination.
  7. to promote solidarity among students.

Complementing the above-mentioned shall be a child-friendly school: where there is positive classroom climate which contributes to academic achievement which can improve outcomes.

Teachers approach is marked through supportive caring: a sense of safety from bullying and violence; student connectedness in school; with parental involvement. Also, it advocates positive as well as non-violent mode of disciplining children.

Corporal punishment shall not be imposed if the objective is to discipline train or control. this is clearly stated in section 2 deped order no. 40 s. 2012 which promotes a zero-tolerance policy for any act of child abuse exploitation violence discrimination bullying and some other forms of abuse.

Conducive to learning and free from fear–all children shall have this kind of right to education

The depeds child protection policy on the other hand will provide a special protection to children who are gravely threatened or endangered by circumstances which affect their normal development.

Ensuring such special protection for a childs well being while taking into account their primary rights as well as obligations or responsibilities of parents and legal guardians or other individuals who legally exercise custody over the child is the aspiration of the cpp.

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