My Nursing Philosophy: The Viewpoint Of Treating Patients

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Philosophies are mainly developed from experiences and beliefs. Philosophies give people different meanings to life; they are never the same since we all have our own individual beliefs. Nurses also have their own philosophy. This philosophy is shaped by the nurse’s viewpoint. Philosophies integrate personal values and beliefs, these can differ from person to person depending on their definition of person, environment, health and nursing.


Every human being comes in different forms, shapes, ethnicity, gender and background. It is the duty of every nursing to be able to put aside any biases when giving nursing care. People tend to seek help from nursing professionals for a variety of reasons and when being a nurse, we have to be able to accommodate and advocate for every person. Not everyone is in their best mood when they come into the nursing facility, however it is still our duty to make sure they patient is cared for and is safe. It is always the duty of the nurse to respect the privacy and feelings of the person.

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The environment as we all know is a key determinant of health. The environment an individual is living in can sometimes be used to describe their behavior, personality, and even in some cases the illness that is present in their life. The environment each person lives in is very an important part of their life because it is often where they receive most of their basic needs such as water, food, shelter, etc. Our environment can shape who we are, which is our identity. It is the nurse’s role to view each and every one as an individual, and not part of the environment. It is also a duty of the nurse to promote a welcoming, safe, and healing environment for each patient.


I believe that Health is the equilibrium between illness and wellness, this can also include a person’s ability to preform ADLs, and normal routines without the interference of disease. The health of a person can include and incorporate the mind, spirit and body of the individual. I like to think of health as being subjective but also objective depending on how it is perceived. The role of the nursing professional when it comes to health is being able to help and understand how the patient defines health, and then work with them to inaugurate or develop a plan of action that is going to help them and benefit them with their health needs as a patient.


My philosophy is one that I plan to stand by for the duration of my schooling, and then into my nursing career. This philosophy is primarily based on providing, empathetic, competent, compassionate, and optimal and favorable holistic care to the best of my ability. My philosophy comes from the values and beliefs that were instilled in me during my childhood as well as my adolescence. These values and beliefs are partnered with respect, responsibility, compassion and trustworthiness. These values are what drove me to choose this profession and what is currently driving me as I continue nursing school as well as I continue to care for my patients at home, my family, and the community I live in.

It is my belief that in order to keep up with my philosophy education will be very important, and this even involves continuing education even after I graduate. Continues education about issues related to patient care is important. I belief that through more research a lot of information is found, this information can be used accompanied by the information I already have, this can help to improve my skills, and with that I will be able to provide optimal quality of care. I strongly believe that the cultural ethnic background and sexual orientation of patients should and should always be respected and I am very confident in my ability to continue my education and then profession without showing any type or form of discrimination. I believe that being an educator, advocator, promoter of disease awareness, showing good health practices, and being a supporter or family values is very important. I also believe that nursing is a lot more than a career, but also a privilege that is taken upon by person who are passionate about using their skills and knowledge to help those who are unable to help themselves.


As a nurse I strongly believe that is important to understand your philosophy and also be able to recognize your own biases, if you have any, before working with clients. The career of nursing is based in providing care for others and it is important for the nurse to completely understand and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in these categories. It is also important for the nurse to evaluate and understand these of their clients. When evaluating our own nursing philosophy, we should take into account of our own personal values, believe our definition of the career and how we define people, environment, health and one of the most important, nursing.

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