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Why You Should Vaccinate Your Child

You want to do the best for your children. You know about the importance of car seats, helmets and other ways to protect them.  I have read several social media groups that were emotional vaccination, initially I thought they were sarcastic men then I researched...

Monkeypox Virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Monkeypox virus is also referred to as a “sylvatic zoonosis virus” – a virus, which is transferrable from animal to human, however the virus originates from an animal classed as wild- the original carrier of monkeypox being crab-eating monkeys. The transmission of the virus is...

Vaccines And Vaccination: Should It Be Mandatory

Imagine yourself as a parent in an event where you must decide whether or not to vaccinate your child. You’ve read on the Internet about the rare cases where vaccinations have resulted in negative side effects, but you’ve also researched on its countless benefits. You...

Vaccines Should Be Mandatory And Vaccination

Who would knowingly put their children and others at risk by not receiving life-saving vaccines? Each year, 50,000 to 90,000 adults die from vaccine-preventable diseases. Imagine how may children are also affected by these diseases. Especially newborn children, who’s immune systems are not fully developed...

The Mandatory Implementation Of Vaccines

In the past, a number of diseases caused a significant amount of suffering and death. Polio, measles, tetanus, smallpox, pertussis, mumps and rubella are among the list of diseases that have plagued mankind for generations. Over the last 100 years, advances in medical science have...

The Most Important Discoveries in Medicine

Medicine is by far the most significant and important discovery the world has ever seen. With the introduction of medicine, almost all life forms have a better quality of life along with an extended life expectancy. Although sickness has not been cured, there have been...

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