Nursing Philosophy: The Values And Beliefs Of The Profession

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Since I was young, I have always been driven by a caring nature and a desire to help others which has led me to the career choice of nursing. I feel the most accomplished when I serve and help others, and my nursing attitude reflects my views of compassion and empathy. I believe it is important to understand and explore my personal values and principles that will influence my nursing practice before I enter the profession. The profession of nursing “is more than caring for an illness. Nursing is the blending of technology with commitment, respect, compassion, creativity, and caring” (Mercy Nursing Vision & Philosophy, 2017). In addition to having a high degree of providing quality care to patients, it is essential that nurses “provide a safe, effective care environment” and “adhere to standards of professional nursing practice and maintain their practice within the legal and ethical framework of nursing” (Benjamin Leon School of Nursing, 2019, p. 8).

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My philosophy of nursing care is strongly influenced by an experience my family and I had while my grandmother was on hospice care for acute renal failure. The first nurse assigned to my family did not show much concern or compassion towards my grandmother or my mom, who was struggling with the diagnosis and did not understand the disease process. I remember a specific instance that has resonated in my mind and has profoundly impacted my philosophy of nursing practice. When the nurse came for a home health visit, my mother was asking some questions about my grandmother’s condition and when she would get better. With my mom having limited knowledge of kidney failure, the nurse’s reply was advising my mom to go look on Google about any information. The following nurse assigned to my grandmother highly motivated me into choosing nursing as my career path. She went above and beyond to help my family, she took the time to explain things to my mother and provided support that we greatly needed. This is when I realized that nursing requires humanity and empathy to those that are ill while demonstrating that they are not just another patient. I have integrated this into my own nursing philosophy and want to give back to another patient and community.

My ideal work environment would be challenging and rewarding while providing support to other team members. This type of work atmosphere allows employees to grow and master their skills while providing quality patient care. While I have worked as a server and shift leader in a restaurant, teamwork is crucial in having a successful and productive establishment. The QSEN, the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses, provides six competencies to establish

My viewpoint on overall health and well-being has been profoundly impacted by a Western Caribbean culture. Growing up in a family from Trinidad and Tobago, the usual eating habits are far from being healthy. Traditional meals tend to have a large amount of carbohydrates and fried foods. As a nursing school student, I see the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Diabetes and obesity are prevalent on my mother’s side while mental health issues are prevalent on my father’s side, so health maintenance and promotion from a younger age is essential. My own health is incredibly important to me and I feel at my best when I have well-balanced meals and exercise routinely. Since I changed to a healthier lifestyle, my parents have changed theirs as well by eating more vegetables and being more active. As role models to our patients, I believe that a healthy lifestyle is a major step towards an enriched quality of life.

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