Considering Nursing As A Profession, Not A Services

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I believe something to be a profession when it involves a great deal of learning, on-hands training, and passion that stems from the heart. To me, nursing is the exact definition of that. It takes time and patience to be a professional and a great deal of stress! I feel this way because nursing isn’t an easy career. It takes time to grow a body of knowledge and a lot of experience before you can get the “nursing instinct” and know how to act on it. I believe nursing is an art and science. I really liked the way a student described art in the study, “Opinions of Nursing Students on the Art of Nursing: A Qualitative Study.” He related the art of nursing to that of a sculpture or painter who uses their instruments to shape or fill their art. The same way nurses use their art to create a bond and relationship with a patient (Duran & Uslusoy, 2015). 

I recently had a patient who had a chest tube placed in. I knew the basics on what to assess in a patient with a chest tube, but I wasn’t too familiar with the device and how to care for one. I took the time to look up information and asked fellow coworkers on the importance of chest tubes and what to look out for. If all of a sudden the chest tube was disconnected, my patient started complaining of inability to breathe, and all I did was provide reaffirmation that everything will be ok while holding their hand, would I be beneficial with just my compassion? I would probably do more harm than good. This is where science plays a part. My point is if we are able to build a relationship and provide compassionate care to the best of our abilities, but we do not know how to work devices or have the skills to perform a task, then we are of little help to the patient. 

This is why I believe nursing is a combination of art and science. “Nurses should strive to achieve a balance between delivering care based on the science and art of professional nursing” (Palos, 2014, p. 248). From Boise State University shared values, I chose responsibility, caring, and respect because I believe they should be used by every nurse with each patient they meet ('Shared Values,' 2007). I am responsible for the care I provide my patients, whether it’s making sure they stay NPO for a procedure or speaking out on a medication error. I provide respect even when my views differ from my patients. I care for patients with compassion and love to the best of my abilities even if it takes an extra minute to bring in that warm blanket the patient so dearly loves.

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