What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up

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What i want to be when i grow up? I want to be a pediatric surgeon. A pediatric surgeon specializes in treating babies kids pre teens and teenagers. I love working with kids and helping others so combining those two really ends up working in my favor. I used to be very squirmy when it came to things like blood and cuts but as I grew older and learned more I figured there is nothing to be squirmy about. My love for kids started my first time joining the Summer Youth Employment Program. It was my freshman year of high school and i wanted to try new things like getting my first job. I ended up working with kids and noticed that everyday was a good day there and working with kids in the future was something I wanted to do.

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I always knew i wanted to work with kids i just didn’t know what exactly i wanted to do with them. Thats when the surgery part gets involved. My junior year of high school i remember looking through netflix after finishing another show i continuously binge watched looking for something else. There was nothing more to watch and i kept skipping over this one doctor show. I always thought it looked so boring to me until i noticed how highly people talked about it on twitter. Thats when i decided to give it a chance and let me tell you i fell in love the first episode. It had nothing to do with the drama and romance of it but it had everything to do with the way they portrayed the journey through internships and residencies that people go through after medical school. I knew straight away that thats what i wanted to do.

To become a pediatric surgeon takes a long road, hard work, and serious dedication. You start by getting a college degree, a pre-med program is highly recommended, but it is not 100% necessary. A bachelor's degree in biology, English, chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, and biochemistry will do. After that, you must take a specialized test called the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) and apply to the medical schools of your choice. If I ever get to that point, I will choose Columbia University. One way or another, in medical school you learn about the body and its various systems. For example, you have to learn about the nervous system, and that's just one of many. You will also learn about genetics, ethics, pharmacology, evidence-based medicine, and patient safety.

As soon as you choose your specialty which in my case would be pediatrics you get to start focusing more on that one field. As a pediatric surgeon you’ll have to learn all about the basics and in this certain period of time they will teach you Pediatric Oncology, Neonatology, Pediatric Urology, Pediatric Radiology, Mortality and Pediatric Surgical Pathology. In the end you would have to go through the process of getting your license and becoming board certified. Although when you get there its never really over. Once your are a doctor of any sort you are a student forever. You will never stop learning and thats the fun part of it all. 

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