Review Of Boutte's Case Of Malpractice

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An Atlanta board certified doctor is being sued after being filmed dancing, scalpel in hand, for malpractice. Dr. Windell Boutte has posted as many as 20 -now deleted- videos on YouTube with her and even her assistants as backup dancers to songs such as “Cut It” by O.T. Genasis, “Booty” by Jenifer Lopez and adding a creative spin to the song ‘Bad and Boujee” by Migos. She and her assistants were filmed doing this without gloves nor face masks and allowing the knocked out patient’s half covered bare bottoms to also be put on the internet for the world to see for “promotional value”. In May, Dr. Boutte had as many as 5 pending malpractice suits against her and 4 settlements as one by one her previous patients taken notice. There were no judgments found opposing her but many female patients that came forwarded and claimed in their lawsuits that they endured infections, disfigurement, and as extreme as brain damage from Dr. Boutte’s careless handiwork.

A report from HLN proved that the Georgia Composite Medical Board has known of Dr. Boutte’s display of negligence since March of 2016 and the board refused to answer any questions from CNN and HLN. Although a certified plastic surgeon and on the board Dr. Dan Deloach commented that “You don’t want to rush to judgment and end up making an error that could be very professionally harmful.” This resulted in the continuance of Dr. Boutte’s careless process. Susan Witt is an attorney representing three former clients of Boutte, that claim that Dr. Boutte altered their lives forever, One of those women is Icilma Cornelius. Two and a half years ago Cornelius went to Boutte’s Premier Aesthetic Center for Botox in preparation for her wedding. “Excited for her next chapter in her life” Boutte and her staff preyed on that claiming they could shed some stomach weight, and coaxed her into a procedure while in the office. 8 hours into Cornelius’ surgery, Boutte’s staff called 911 as she had stopped breathing on Boutte’s table with her pupils dilated and fixed. Luckily she survived but was “essentially dead” said Witt. Her 26 year old son Ojay Liburd is her 24/7 caretaker. Her case was settled. Leading people with her excellent and impressive credentials from UCLA, completed residency at Emory School of Medicine and board certified, but as the long list of lawsuits grow along with the proof of videos and witness testimony, she is most unfit and “unqualified” to be performing these procedures.

Although when you get your medical license, it states on your card that you are able to practice medicine and surgery on your card, this has resulted in unqualified doctors like OBGYN’s to perform breast augmentation, breast reductions and tummy tucks. I agree that the case is malpractice and that Boutte should face jail time. Cases like Boutte’s is ordinary, and is a growing problem in Georgia as there is no law against it, and is blatantly put on your practicing medical license that unqualified medical practitioners are able to perform surgery and diagnosis’. Witt for now is putting the spotlight on Boutte’s case in hope to change this and I wish her luck.

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