My Road To Pediatric Profession

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“This is my only child, do you think that my son will grow normal?” asked an innocent old father during my pediatric rotation while examining the cystic fibrosis child, admitted with meningitis. I made him understand and tried to reduce his suffering. Meanwhile counseling, I saw the jerking movements of his body as he started convulsing. I called for help and immediately took steps to stabilize patient as the attending and staff rushed there. The Attending managed and saved the patient and addressed the issue, which reduced his father distress. This experience left me with a message for becoming a great caring physician not just by clinical knowledge but also by understanding the emotions of family.

During my medical school rotation, I discovered that each branch has its unique way of dealing with diseases. However, the field of Pediatrics inspired me the most that not only provides care from birth until adulthood but plays a vital part in addressing the child’s family health and social issue. I realized the field of Pediatrics plays a pivotal role in the health care system of my country, where the neonatal mortality rate is very high, which can be reduced in the community by ensuring timely vaccination and providing quality of care. The multidimensional way of approach, connecting recent scientific advances with evidence-based clinical practice, and the broader range of physician-patient interaction fascinated and pushed me towards Pediatrics. The diverse presentations of wide-ranging diseases and their complex diagnostic and management dilemmas, is what I find captivating about Pediatrics. It is a challenging and rewarding discipline as it combines knowledge and skills requiring sound physiological concepts with care and compassion towards patients.

The essential mantra that I learned from my professors at the medical school is, “The real secret to success is enthusiasm and curiosity which one has to get hold of, throughout their path of medicine.” My one-year internship training and subsequent four years of employment at a local hospital as a resident medical officer provided me with extensive pediatric hands-on clinical experience and outfitted with abilities required in handling emergency cases as well as inpatient and ambulatory pediatric care setup. Apart from refining my communication skills, I also fulfilled with the humanitarian side of medicine, where taking care of the emotional needs of families is also important. Finally, I succeeded to the position of chief medical officer where I pursue leadership roles, did volunteer work, and drove awareness campaigns for disease prevention, the role of vaccination and thalassemia in families. Throughout my experience, I figured out how to handle situations regardless of how surprising the conditions were. I have developed a positive attitude, humbleness and friendly nature that have helped me to grow professionally and personally in every aspect of the medical field.

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My externships and observerships served as my best exposure to the practice of evidence-based medicine practiced in the United State. To expand my knowledge in pediatric medicine and learn advanced management, I went to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences. Meanwhile, I took part in writing and co-authoring case reports and familiarized with ongoing research projects. I realized that research is a fundamental part of practicing evidence-based medicine and an integral part of any training. This diverse medical and research experience has sharpened my ability to the point where I can make the clinical and practical decision as a physician. Also, the research skills I learned from these experiences grew my interest in the field of medicine to contribute to the future as well.

The United States, being the most advanced country in the field of Pediatrics, it offers matchless opportunities for me to further expand my knowledge, understandings, and experience in this field. I believe that a residency in Pediatric will sharpen my clinical abilities and give me the vital skills to provide patients with the care that they need. I anticipate for your residency program that will provide training par excellence by both faculty and residents and satisfy my thirst for clinical knowledge. I look forward to the open door for clinical research during my training. I expect a chance to exert myself wholeheartedly not only to test previously set limits in Pediatric but also set new ones.

So far my journey has been highly gratifying. The road to Pediatric is not about the destiny, but the journey itself and I am excited to embark upon this new endeavor. I hope to serve the society as a humble and qualified trained Pediatrician who brings a positive influence in the health care of my patients.

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