Soccer as My Hobby and How It Shapes My Life

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Hobby is an activity, habit or favorite choice of a human, who regularly performs in leisure or extra time for pleasure, relaxation and enjoyment. Everyone has different hobbies that he or she would like to do to have fun or relax. They can be physical activities such as jogging, soccer, swimming, cricket. They also can be mental activities such as reading, witting, watching movies, playing with computers, travelling etc. and they depend on personality of everyone.

For me, soccer or football is my hobby because it is the part of my life and I can’t live without it. Living in a country like Germany, football is the king of sport. That's why it is not surprising that my childhood has grown with the soccer ball until today. My mom told me that I liked to kick the ball and I had a lot of fun when I had an age of only about three years. Since that time, playing football is my favorite sport and it is my hobby when I am free. It's interesting and surprising, especially the feeling when I score a goal or when my teammates do it. That feeling fills me as if I just filed something very important. Playing football also helps me relax and have confidence when I have stress and frustration. For a moment, after doing a task or studying all day, I feel tired and exhausted. However, having fun with the ball, like kicking it against the wall or trying to do some tricks, all my fatigue and exhaustion disappear. In addition, soccer is not only about passing and kicking the ball, but it also requires a lot of reflection and some basic skills. So I often practice it and obviously, I feel healthy and strong. Besides that, football also taught me the spirit of teamwork and created a strong sporting capacity in me. However, I do not only like to play football but I also enjoy watching football games on television. Soccer is very popular all over the world today; Especially, in the World Cup season, I am very excited to see the games in which many famous teams like; Brazil, Germany, England, Spain, Holland. etc. And my favorite team is Italy. I am very happy when Italy wins, but I will get angry and I will not sleep well that night if they lose.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports. The Soccer World Cup, and that is the world soccer tournament that takes place. Every 4 years, you should get many more spectators than any other sporting event on the planet. Football is such an important agreement in some countries that it has provoked political tensions between nations when their teams have played against each other in the World Cup. Then why is it Is football such a fantastic hobby for everyone? Click here for one thing, do not demand. A lot of equipment to play soccer, you just have to have a soccer ball to kick around and some friends, and some kind of goal you can use to kick the ball. The guidelines are very simple and obvious, you kick the soccer ball and you also try to kick it in another. The goal of the team to score, as well as you cannot touch the soccer ball with the hands of yours.

Kicking a soccer ball is something that can be addictive and you can spend hours and hours doing it without getting bored. You are able to do a series of tricks with your how to dribble or even see how many times you can kick the soccer ball, without allowing it to hit the ground. You can practice tricks like the bike where you jump and pat it on its side or maybe pat it in the air as you fall on your back. You can achieve that trick where you roll the ball with one foot on the back of your other leg, then use that other leg to kick it forward, from behind, over your head; that is one of my favorites It makes people believe that I am an excellent soccer player when I leave that. One happens, although I do not.

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A big factor about football or maybe a soccer hobby is that it certainly keeps you in form with you have to do to run, plus you have to be in very good condition to succeed in soccer. Playing football is not like a light trot where you can simply go easy all the time. You are in a complete sprint, dead repeatedly. It's also fun, so it does not feel like you. you're just exercising, you're playing a game instead. The last football team I played in was a Futsal team. I thought I was in shape, but then I could only survive for a few minutes Before going to take a breath, every time he entered.

An example of my first memories of playing football was when I was a little The football team of the league as a child. I was playing defense and all I did was kick the ball so hard. How could I reach the other end of the field each time I arrived? I always remember Afterwards; I ate a piece of chocolate milk confection with the wrap still in it. I did not swallow but it made me sick and I needed to stop dribbling my soccer ball on the way away from the soccer game, while I was throwing up since the feeling in my mouth was so disgusting. I think my body has also worked on the sprint in the soccer game and my stomach was tight. I can still get sick by considering that feeling all these years in the world future. However, I had fun as a child playing on my soccer team and I had a great many great experiences. I also have many good memories of my football. Days as a child. It was fun to be the center of attention since I kicked the ball whenever I got involved However, it was not so good and I played defensively, so normally I only provided the soccer ball a good boot in the other aspect of the area when I was worried.

You will find a lot of exercises you can do with soccer balls, just yourself to become an even better soccer player. You are able to simply perform the drip, as mentioned up, where you just kicked the soccer ball back and forth between your thighs and legs like you run. As soon as you're good at dribbling the soccer ball, you can brag if participate in the games, but dribble the soccer ball and also cut off the past individuals. or maybe, can kick and point the soccer ball to a specific point on a wall or practice kicking it towards the goal or even passing with the side of your foot, which means that You can improve your goal and score more goals each time you participate. Can Dribble the soccer ball with your feet as you pass through cones. directly from the source You can practice directing the soccer ball and aiming with the head of yours. by Whatever the reason why the soccer player prefers to undertake is to hit the soccer ball with his heads.

My favorite activity is playing football. Five years ago, my dad asked me to watch a football match with him. After this game I was interested in that sport. It increases my passion so much so that I harassed my mother day and night and demanded to buy me a new football. My mother finally agreed after a long week of uninterrupted problems. At the time I got the ball, I ran down the stairs to the neighborhood High School. I started to kick the ball. As bees are attracted to honey, many young people were attracted to my football. Since then I play football with this group of new friends & budding soccer players.

Through constant practice in playing soccer, I have improved my football skills from basic to professional levels. Now I can dribble, conduct, hit and fool whatever I want. Just yesterday I did a hat-trick when I was playing a game with my friends. He was as proud as a peacock.

My dad and I regularly watch football games and are enthusiastic supporters of the Manchester United Football Club (MUFC), which have recently won three gold trophies in Championship League LaLiga. I never miss one of their games when I am free. We are the proud owners of many football magazines and posters representing great players like David Beckman, Lionel Messi, Ronaldo, Meckel Silvestre and Andy Cole, to name but five. My favorite outfit is a MUFC soccer outfit.

Football is a very special sport because it is the only game invented by humans where you can only use your both legs, with the exception of the goalkeeper role that defends goal of opponent teams. Regularly playing Football’s strengthens muscles, increase physical fitness, can be used for sharp mind, enhance stamina, power and promote regularity in a human daily activities.   

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