My Visit To The Metropolitan Opera

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Many people have never been at the opera or were only once when they were children. Some people, however, will not go there anymore, and someone, perhaps, will open up a new world that will give them pleasant moments which will not “let them go” for several years. I visited the opera in August when they performed “Lucia di Lammermoor,” which satisfied me very much. The plot of “Lucia di Lammermoor” is based on the famous novel by Walter Scott “The Lammermoor Bride,” which tells of a cruel enmity between two Scottish families. The novel takes place at the end of the 17th century. The backstage, costumes, music and ballet dancers were terrific. It was a magical and beautiful experience, I must admit.

The opera quite impressed me, and I think it is indeed worth visiting. Concerning the setting and interior, it is a genuinely unique, atmospheric and eclectic place. The theater itself is gorgeous, but, perhaps, not the brightest one in terms of architecture. It is better to come to the theater earlier to see the interior, museum and the shop. The auditorium is very comfortable: you can see and hear everything from everywhere. I sat in the center stalls. When choosing places, I would recommend rows from F to U on the ground floor. The first rows are located below the stage level, the acoustics are worse, and the ceiling of the hall is visible not from everywhere. The most comfortable places are in the center of the mezzanine, of course. Travelers should pay attention that they are not obliged to hand over their outer clothing to the cloakroom (if they like to sit in overclothes in the theater), but if they decide to, then they must pay $ 3 for each item. Also, there is no dress code, which is strange to me. It is an opera after all, and sneakers, T-shirts are unacceptable in such places, in my opinion. Diversity is always welcomed, but Japanese women in kimono and men in sneakers do not look good in the same place. During the intermission, we walked through the building. I have never seen such unusual chandeliers. The pause lasts half an hour.

During the break, in the lobby, a restaurant works. The hall itself is an open area decorated with Chagall’s fresco with huge windows. In the opposite direction, people can observe another mural by Chagall. The frescoes are enormous and, perhaps, they can be seen from the balcony when it is available. There are also buffets in other parts of the theater, but unfortunately, the snacks there are not quite tasty. When the intermission is going to end, there are girls in maroon uniforms who will warn you that you have to return to your seat. They do it by playing the xylophones and passing through all the corridors, and they even go out into the street, calling everyone inside. The opera is lovely, and every detail is extraordinary; the actors, musicians are professional and very talented, that is why this place is a must-see in New York. If people have free time and their budget is not very limited, they can go there to have an idea of what the Metropolitan Opera is. The pleasure from the interior, the beauty of the production and music will remain in memories for many years.

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