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It is a daunting task to pick my next travel destination, each time. I am a travel nomad and love to explore a new place whenever possible. This time I knew I wanted to visit an Asian country. After conducting some online research and talking to a few Asian friends, I decided I was going to Taiwan. Taiwan is a tiny island near Southeast China. It is not a popular travel destination, but it should be. The Portuguese sailors who saw this country in the 1500s, called it lIha Formosa, meaning beautiful island. Here are 8 reasons why you need to visit Taiwan: What To See In Taiwan

One of the largest gold bars in the world

Taiwan has a beautiful stretch of gold mines. The region has been named the Gold Ecological Park. it is situated in Jinguashi, a mountain town. Here, visitors are introduced to the historic gold mining region that is now converted to public museums. It was my first time inside a gold mine and I was overcome by the Midas Touch feeling. The main attraction at the museum, however, is that you are allowed to touch a 222-kilogram pure gold bar. It is among the largest gold bars in the world.

The National Palace-Museum with 696422 exhibits

The National Palace-Museum, situated in Taipei, is one of the world’s most visited museums with approximately 6. 1 million visitors every year. It houses an incredible 696422 exhibits. The outstanding repository showcases over 8000 years’ worth Chinese art. The galleries are filled with radiant lacquerwares, luminous jades, and many more artifacts that range from rare bronze commodities to beautiful snuff bottles and breathtaking items like an intricately sculpted miniature boat that is carved on the pit of an olive.

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The Lovely-Night Markets

Bustling and colorfully lit, Taiwan’s night markets make for a rare and truly pleasing experience. The country is filled with many of these markets. Be it the Tainan Flowers Night Market or the most famous Shilin Night-Market, these places burst with the sounds, smells, taste, and emotion of the land’s natives. While Taiwan is lively in the day as well, it is as if it starts breathing and living at the sun’s touchdown. These markets are an overwhelming mix of the delectable street food and cost-effective wearables with a little sprinkling of everything else. But these markets happen on different nights, so be sure you check with the local guides about their schedules before venturing out for it.

The Mouth-Watering Food

If there is anything you should crazily dive into in Taiwan, it is the food in this country. The people there love their food and you can taste it when you order for it. While most cultures and people follow a three-meal dietary structure, the Taiwanese do not let these restrictions stop them. From the braised pork with rice, to the beef noodles, oyster omelets, bubble tea, pan-fried buns, and so much more, their food is to die for. Their never ending quest for newer flavors ensures that new delicacies keep making it to their street food menu.

What To Do In Taiwan

Soak Yourself in a Hot Spring

One awesome benefit of being in a place where there’s tectonic turmoil beneath is that it has the most beautiful geothermal springs. Whatever you miss, do not miss out on these hot springs. People here have been bathing in the hot springs for generations. To visit these springs, you will need to leave the city and venture into the outskirts. The Wenshan spring is quite a natural setting and is located inside a cave in the Taroko National-Park. The hot water spring is adjacent to a cool water spring, making it ideal to alternate between the two if the heat gets a little unbearable. Another such scenic location for bathing is inside the Fuyuan Forest-Recreation Area. It has forested valleys and waterfalls by its trail, which leads the relaxing outdoor springs that have many butterflies around, especially from March to mid-August. However, you will have to bathe here without your clothes on, and so the springs are divided into gender pools.

Climb the Beautiful Hiker Trails

Taiwan is such a beautiful country with its many, many trails, it is a hiker paradise. In fact, Taiwan is a pretty popular choice in Eastern Asia because of these trails. You can opt for the many kinds of hikes from serious climbs to light treks. Mountains cover most of this country’s terrain. Professional hikers usually prefer one among the two highest mountains, the Jade Mountain standing at 3952 meters or the Snow Mountain that is 3886 meters in height. The Hehuanshan Mountain at 3422 meters height is ideal for beginners.

Visit The Festivals

While Taiwan celebrates religious festivals throughout the year, the Taiwanese people also indulge in many cultural festivals all year long, everYwhere. The festivals include but are not limited to the Organik techno festival, the Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival, and the Lantern Festival. I believe that whichever part of the island country you may be in, there will be one festival or another happening locally.

Join An Early Morning Tai Chi Class

Many of the country’s urban areas come alive during sunrise with the locals of all demographics and ages taking part in a public session. There are exercise and dance groups. When in Taiwan, head out to public parks and youil see such groups. Simply go and join them! One such group comes together along the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial or the Tamsui River for an early morning session of tai chi. Tips ForA First Timer In TaiwanThe best time to visit Taiwan is between late October and mid-March. This is when is it is both cooler and drier in the country. If you are there in the springtime (ideally, February to mid-March), you will get to see the cherry blossoms. It is not very difficult to exchange currency in Taiwan. Its currency is the New Taiwan Dollar (NTD) and its exchange is heavily government-regulated. Because of this, you will need to exchange them at banks and not independent money changers. Crime rates here are low. But, beware of bag snatching and pickpocketing in certain places, especially the busy tourist-heavy locations. ConclusionWhile Taiwan is not as preferred an international tourist location like Japan, South Korea, Macau, and some other Southeast Asian countries, it is a must-visit country. Now that you know why you need to visit Taiwan, I hope you will visit it.

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