Leadership Is My Strong Side

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Mustering the courage, penetrating the challenge, and engendering the creativity are the abilities to define myself as a visionary leader. After the head of Corporate Social Responsibility of PT Pertamina Region VII awarded me as the best presenter in Pertamina Technology Challenge, an opportunity as a chief of project come to me to foster the renewable energy development (solar power) of Indonesia. In my early duty, I realized that structural team was imperative to ensure the effectiveness of the large-scale project. Hence I utilized my role as a founder of Engineering Research Community in my university to involve 70 engineering students. I delegated responsibilities to them based on their qualified abilities, which created a conducive condition within a group.

Although I met a fear situation when I have to arrange huge amount of budget, we can conquer eventually with the right management. Within the timeline, I observed that building a set of renewable energy equipment with cheaper cost had been a serious challenge. This became my primary focus in the early of program. To tackle this problem, I and my team were successful to discover that the main layer material of the solar cell can be substituted with a waste material which of course can reduce the price. This movement gave positive impact not only for evolving alternative energy, but also preserving the environment. A comprehensive evaluation of my group’s achievement was needed to take an action in the real society. I applied the principle by ensuring that there were regular forums and opportunities for reflection and self-reviews to punctuated episodes of work.

In between which I re-evaluated every part of our research work, I and my team got the 1st winner on National Community Development Exist Fair Award 2017. In the final stage, PT Pertamina approved my final result as a result of dye-sensitized solar cell. Being the first to create its kind formula, I was chosen to be supervisor of the project for the next generation. Reminiscing my time as a college student, I recall how I arrange the Liaison Officers of two kinds of International Conferences in my university. I was saddled with the role to ensure the conference schedule effectively, promote the best hospitality to the guests, and deliver the instruction appropriately. Being coordinator of committees in such kind big events encouraged me to deal with persuading people as well as communicating with people from different cultures.

Finally, I was realized that those capabilities are better deserved when I can actualize it through engaging myself in the community. Due to the accumulation of my achievements, I passed the selection to be the member of Young Sustainable Impact Global, Oslo, Norway (the top 0,5% qualified out of all the 8650 worldwide applicants), an international community aiming to empower youth solving the sustainability challenge, and I had been chosen to harness a branch of this community so-called ‘Earthprenuer Indonesia’. Through the Chevening Scholarship, I will be able to widen the scope of my influence to proffer profound solutions.

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