Equality For Me, Equality For All

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“Human Equality”. This is the advocacy in life that I chose. Why? There are lots of reasons and I think being fair will make a difference- no rich nor poor, no powerful persons to rule the world, because in the eyes of God, we are evenly loved by him whatever our status in life. We, as humans should do the same what the Lord is doing for all of us. There are countries or people that are civilized and there are also people who are not. They have different outlooks in life yes, but they cannot say that they are happy and have a beautiful lives. Let’s start with the poor people. Poor people lack many things in life. They are not educated because of lack of money and lack of means to go to school. They deprived of almost everything due to social standing- lack of friends, lack of money, of power and of authority. Poor people also do not have a comfortable house to live in. Sometimes they got sick and had to undergo operations but due to lack of money, they will end up nothing and they just died. Whereas the rich people, they can afford those huge hospital bills, they can buy big houses and they live a comfortable life. They can also send their children to good schools. They also have the power and authority to rule other people and sometimes rule the world. This is unfair that’s why we tell that “Life is not fair”.

This is what we should inculcate in our minds- to help other people especially the poor and needy. We should extend our hands in helping them by giving them the opportunity to go to school, mingle to other people and treat the poor fair attention. Our heroes during the Spanish regime, fight for equality and fair treatment for the Filipinos. Even Pope Francis wants to help those less fortunate individuals to experience the goodness of life, that’s why he prioritizes seeing and extending help to less fortunate individuals when he visited the Philippines.

I, as a person also want to help somehow. At a very young age I am now, I share what I could give to the needy. I give a penny and food to beggars. Someday, when I grew up and become a successful in my career, I want to have a bigger share in helping the needy people. I wish and hope someday when I get rich, I want to put up a foundation to serve the people. I will send those poor children to school especially those who deserve and wants to learn because I know each of us should have a fair share in the world and we should all experience the fullness of life.

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