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Moral Decline And Shift In The United States

In this article, one of the main points to the cause of a moral decline is centered around the idea of a generational shift. This idea that there was a certain set of morals that people used to follow and now in today’s society, younger...

Moral Hipocrysy And Moral Decline Behind Human Actions

The author argues that moral hypocrisy has the main aim of self-benefit by those who choose to practice it. He goes on to state that moral philosophers often persuade us to behave in a certain acceptable way that, in essence, we have to act in...

Corruption And The Moral Decline Of Leaders

Corruption is a term used by researchers in various ways. It is considered as an international sensation because it has been practiced over time in all communities around the world. Vorster (2012) explains that corruption is the misuse of public office or a position of...

Moral Decline With The Development Of Artificial Intelligence

When AI is starting to make decisions for us the question arises, what decision would a person make? Even more so, what drives us to make certain morally charged decisions and how are we affected by this? The first step in understanding is being able...

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