Moral Decline And Shift In The United States

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In this article, one of the main points to the cause of a moral decline is centered around the idea of a generational shift. This idea that there was a certain set of morals that people used to follow and now in today’s society, younger generations see right and wrong as changing concepts. Although younger generations see this changing concept as a reality, almost all age groups see a moral decline in our society. Along with all age groups experiencing this phenomenon, all different types of races and people with diverse ethnical backgrounds see this moral decline as an issue. One thing that is said to have shaped morality through Angelic points of views is through religion. They believe that the rules are written down for us and that is the word of the bible.

I believe that this is a valid idea because as the author said, younger generations do not get this traditional set of morals so of course there is going to be a decline on morality. If people do not have the same viewpoints, then how could there not be a decline. Also, I don’t know how I feel about the idea of strictly following the bible as the guidelines to the way we live. This is because these rules somewhat apply to today’s society but also there is people who don’t follow the Christianity so either way there will be a moral decline.

In this article, there is believed to be a moral decline in the United States and there are some main consequences that come with this. This first backup information that comes with the moral decline in the U.S. is that there has been a rise in divorce. This has come with children with unstable homes in which their morals are out of sorts as they have a different viewpoint on society and instead of trying to fix the marriage system, we are creating more unions that hurt this system even more. Another factor that shows a decline in morality is the crime rate in America as we have the highest population in our prison system in the world. This also comes from younger generations through things like school shootings. This could be a direct result of how they’re being raised up which creates dysfunctional members of society. Another result is the lack of government control and this comes from the fact that the two parties of America are splitting the country which results in hate and low moral value of people from a different party from one another. Finally, there is just an overall lack of civility for one another. This comes mostly from the new technology where we could share trends and images such as from the show Jackass, we have created a culture for America that is anything but classy.

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I find this to be the most informational site I have read because of the points that they have used to back their opinion that there has been a moral decline in the U.S. are very valid. I have seen many of my friends’ parents get divorced and all it does is hurt the children. I also have lost a couple of friends to the prison system and they will never have a chance to fix their life and this comes with the way they were raised up. The government is so messed up that we have practically split the country in half and people are almost forced to pick a side. Instead I believe that in all elections, the best person should be chosen, not just the person who shares the same party logo as you. Finally, I do believe that that our mass media has created a culture that is far from a sophisticated society.

Apart from the majority, a professor at Vanderbilt University, Edward L. Rubin says that there is no such phenomenon as morality decline in America. Instead he argues that there is a more diverse sense of morals in today’s society such as women having a bigger role in society and a more give and take relationship with parents and children. He takes the opinion that instead of a moral decline, there has just been a shift in the morals of Western Civilization. We also need to understand that moral first comes from our own personal thought because our morals are based on our life. This allows everyone to do what they need to for themselves because with this, one can live the life they want which is a good enough reason. The last point the professor comes across is that we need to take what we know about the views of Christianity and modernize the viewpoints because Western Civilization has shifted so should its main principles should.

I believe that this author is right in the fact there is not a moral decline in society but instead there is a moral shift. When a game changes so does trules, this goes for society as well because when society changes so does the rules. Of course, there are base principles that people should live by that should be morals now and through the rest of time. I don’t really know how I feel about the reinterpretation about the bible. On one hand as society changes, I think the Bible could have different meanings, but on the other hand who are we to interpret God’s words differently.

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