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Conspiracy Theories on 9/11 Twin Tower Attacks

One of the main reasons why the conspiracies sparked to begin with is due to the fall of the two twin towers. The twin towers were specifically designed to withstand the impact of a plane, yet the towers were so quick to collapse only after...

The Impact of 9/11 and the Fear of Terrorism on America

On the day of September 11, the American passion for peace and security was shaken and tested. The bombings of the twin towers at the World Trade Center by terrorists was a major setback in terms of development and cultural advancement. The occasions of 9/11...

The Horror During and After the Attacks on 9/11

On the day of September 11, eighteen years ago, an Islamic terrorist group planned four specific terrorist attacks on the United States. They hijacked four United States passenger airplanes. The terrorists crashed them into the Twin Towers, D.C., a Pennsylvania field, and the Pentagon in...

The Alamo: The Event That Mexican Nation Will Remember

“Remember the Alamo.” For myself, and many others I have talked to while writing this paper, that phrase is all we remember about the Alamo. This famous quote brings forth the question; why do we need to remember the Alamo? I believe that there are...

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