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The Menace of Terrorism Around the World: Emerging Threats and Issues

The menace of terrorism has been increasing over the years though there have been several efforts to counter it. The evils of terrorism have become widespread, and the world has become too familiar to them. There has been a lot of debate on the definition...

The Increased Violence in New Terrorism: What Is Going On

The 1990s recalls a series of extremist acts that ushered a new and more violent form of terrorism. Propelled by religious motivations, decentralized organization, and technological advancement, the new terrorism distinguished itself from old terrorism with its inclination to indiscriminate killing and mass casualties. Rapoport’s...

Terrorism as a Threat to Society: How It Affects Our Lives

Terrorism has been around for thousands of years. Domestic terrorism and destructive terrorism are the two main types of terrorism. Domestic terrorism is the committing of terrorist acts in the perpetrator's own country against their fellow citizens. An example of destructive terrorism is 9/11. Before...

The Causes and Effects of Terrorism: a Comprehensive Analysis

Terrorim is the use of violent means to achieve political or social and religious gain effects global citizens. Terrororism can affect individuals and nations across the globe in numerous different ways. The mental and economic effect are some of the most severe impacts of terrorist...

The Issue of Terrorism: Emerging Threats and Responses

One may ask what is terrorism? Terrorism is a very hard phenomenon to describe in one sentence only. Throughout the years there have been various definitions of terrorism as everyone has its own opinion regarding this matter, depending on their own individual perspective. The United...

Does Terrorism Really Work: an Analysis of Its Historical Context

From hijacked planes, school shooting and car bombings, it's seeming that nowadays it is impossible to read the news without hearing of a recent terror attack. Yet despite the prevalence of terrorism, it can be rather difficult to define. Terrorist activity comes from formal groups...

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