Conspiracy Theories on 9/11 Twin Tower Attacks

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One of the main reasons why the conspiracies sparked to begin with is due to the fall of the two twin towers. The twin towers were specifically designed to withstand the impact of a plane, yet the towers were so quick to collapse only after less than an hour of burning. This bought about the theory that “the towers were brought down in a controlled manner using demolition explosives. ” This supports the claim that 9/11 was an internal government conspiracy as it suggests that the reason for the collapse of the twin towers may not have been due to the genuine impact of the plane.

One of the most popular arguments for the assertion of the two twin towers as well as the less spoken about Building 7 being a controlled demolition is that neither jet fuel nor office fires are hot enough to melt steel. This is due to the melting point of steel being 2, 700 degrees, and that jet fuel only burns at 1, 500 degrees it’s not possible that fires could’ve caused the buildings to collapse.

This verifies the claim that 9/11 in reality was an inside job. The problem with this argument, however, is that research has not concluded that the buildings collapsed due to melted steel, instead they have revealed that due to the immense heat, the steel lost its structural strength leading to imbalances and eventually a total collapse. Suggesting that conspiracy theory stated lacks validity as it cannot be supported by research.

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Footage of the towers collapsing shows the debris falling over a fairly small footprint, where the buildings almost collapse in on themselves floor by floor, there are also claims that when watching the video you can see visible puffs of dust and debris being ejected from the sides of the buildings; suggesting that there were explosives present in the building that helped demolish the building in its fast and easy manner. An advertisement in The New York Times for the book Painful Questions: An Analysis of the September 11th Attack made this claim : 'The concrete clouds shooting out of the buildings are not possible from a mere collapse. They do occur from explosions. '

However, a branch of the U. S. Department of Commerce, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) conducted a major study in spring 2005 and they concluded that a “very large quantity” of explosives would be needed to bring down the buildings; a nd for buildings of this scale it would require considerable work which would have been impossible to conceal from the public’s eye.

The BBC reports that inquiries in the wake of the attack “made it clear that the tower structures were weakened by the inferno from the planes and felled by the weight of collapsing floors”.

Frank Greening decided to test the claims and calculated whether it is possible for the towers to collapse under their own weight without the use of explosives. He “set up a computer program based on momentum transfer to look at each impact of the floors collapsing. ” His findings show that if one floors frame became weak enough to be unable to hold their own weight, this would cause each storey below to give way giving the same effect as a controlled demolition. According to Greening’s stimulations, north tower was predicted to fall in 13 seconds once is started collapsing meanwhile the south tower would collapse in 11 seconds. These were in actual fact the precise times the buildings took to fall.

Due to being one of the most scientific conspiracies, the general public would have potentially seen it as the most accurate, due to science being a great influence on what is deemed fact or fiction. However, it is evident that it was not a simple theory among scientists either. Although some scientists supported the theories, agreeing that the attacks must have involved some sort of explosives. There has been a clapback from other scientists doubting their argument and giving evidence as to how it indeed may be possible. In the public’s eye this completely discredits conspiracy theorists claim as it lacks validity and reliability as the results aren’t consistent.

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