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The Complex Street Beggar Issue in Pakistan

Street begging in Pakistan was at its peak. Due to poverty, Pakistan was suffering from that social cause, which had forced many people to commit suicide. Many women had sold their children and those children were forced to leave their homes, so that they could...

The Effectiveness of the Anti-Begging Laws in India

The minute your car halts at a red light, a shabby woman with her weakling of a child walks to your car begging for money to feed her baby. Or, when you are travelling on a train, a poor blind man walks across the compartment...

Reasons Why Begging for Money Should be Illegal

Legislation on socio-economic issues involves begging, poverty, homeless people, education, health care etc. and people face these problems because of earning less or unemployment in the country. As this also affects their living standard and usually begging is done in public sector as in public...

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