The Role of the International Standard on Extreme Poverty

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Poverty is the situation in which an individual or community needs financial resources and the necessary foundations for the enjoyment of the lowest level of life and well-being that is acceptable in the society in which they live. The International Standard on Extreme Poverty is that an individual earns less than $1 a day , Also when family income fails to meet the basic needs of its members, then poverty is usually measured on the basis of the dependent family rather than the individual. 

With that being said, the international poverty standard is one dollar. If the international standard were in accordance with the US standard then most of the population of this country will be below the poverty line but with the existence of the government and its regulations and laws that were based on a study that was designed to reduce poverty and raise people are far from the poverty line, and it is not only the government. Other factors may be the main reason for putting people below the poverty line or living in hardship such as migration from one place to another, family support, education, geographical location of the home and many other factors. 

We will focus on only two of these terms which they are the systems Governmental and immigration What is their relationship to poverty. Because they form a large part of the structure of this country as a according to the strong government of the United States of America and the large number of migrants who cross the border in search of new opportunities to escape from their reality and to look for better life. In the coming paragraph that follows our introduction we will talk about the effects that comes up with the immigration and its consequences along with the governmental system.

Migration, is a special instinct for all living beings, especially humans, is the movement by people from one place to another with the intention of settling temporarily or permanently in the new location. It typically involves movements over long distances and from one country or region to another. And there are a lot of different types of migration and each one of them follows up with different difficulties and hardships. 

For example, the migration because the natural disasters, war, racism, lack of jobs and resources, etc… however, humans move from place to another looking for a better chance to live, better atmosphere and circumstances for a better life style. People move from place to another looking for a better job and education. But the consequences varies from person to person, some people might face a lot of hardships and some people might take take the easy path. 

These hardship are varies from person to person, some people might feel homesick, financial issues, physical and emotional issues. In additional to the child labor, difficulties to find the perfect job, hard work and minimum wages jobs. Some people have a big families, including kids, siblings, grand-parents and the other family members. So it is hard to take care of all these people with a minimum wage job. However, it is known that the minimum wage varies from state to state, but in Texas the minimum wage is 7.25$ each hour which is barely to take care of one person and pay some bills. In situations like these people might be in need for some governmental help, such as medicaid, dental, food stamps and grants.

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Therefore, all the assistance mentioned is temporary, and the purpose of the assistance is help the immigrants so that the immigrants can rely on themself and the management of their livelihood, the immigrant should be careful to use this aid and spend them on the right things and use them wisely while they figure their lives out. Although of all the difficulties we already mentioned before, immigrants might face many other hardships such as finding a job, racism, or different political laws that related to the government system and the government’s way to deal with the immigrants, the legal and illegal of them, how to decrease the immigrants and how to stop the illegal ones. 

Any government would come up with a lot of solutions and laws that work on the decreasing the immigration or even banning it! But every solution or law will never be applied without a tight and well thought out plan. At least not in the USA since the united states is mix of all the ethnicities and races from all around the world, it is basically an immigration base, so we think that immigration will never banned.

With few prospects for true immigration reform at the federal level, we believe that the actions made by the state and local government are keys to upholding the integrity of this nation’s immigration laws. However, these actions made by the state government represent the strength and the weaknesses of this nation. Both the U.S house and the U.S senate have been fundamentally absent for many years. The illegal immigration, poverty, jobs, public safety and nation security are in the halls. 

So the government need to step up and find a better solution for the issues that this country is facing at the moment. This essay focuses on the issue of the immigration and the type of hardships that all immigrants might face when they cross the borders, these hardships varies from person to another, it depends on the current situation of the individual, how many family members do they have, how much money do they need, what jobs fit their education etc.

According to the study by “Mexican and Central American immigrants”, who have long histories of migration to the United States which shows the percent of each race in the United States Of America who entered the country illegally, represent 37 percent of the U.S. foreign-born population, yet are disproportionately represented (71 percent) among the total unauthorized immigrant population. Mexico alone accounts for more than half of the estimated 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the United States, with another 15 percent and 14 percent from Central America and Asia, respectively. 

The study we mentioned above shows how many illegal immigrants in the nations which means that the government need to take a serious action to stop the illegal immigration or at least decrease it. There are many different policies have been introduced in order to reduce the illegal immigration or stop it. Faced with enormous political pressure to stop illegal immigration and to prevent the entry of potential terrorists, the U.S. government has devoted ever more resources to enforcing border policies. It remains unclear, the author argues, whether the efficacy of these programs warrants their enormous costs.

In any case, there are many programs affiliated to the immigration system and each program has special procedures and accurate such as the income ratio of the immigrant, the number of personnel, and the background check to ensure the safety of migrant transit across the borders of the United States of America. Although there are a lot of security procedures but there still a lot of people who crossed the borders illegally To escape the terrible situations in which their motherland is going through, looking for a better chance to have a stable life, far away from the danger, good education, safe environment and a better job. There is approximately 30 million illegal immigrant in the United States of America, which means there is no possible solution to stop all these people from crossing the borders, but there might be a slight chance to reduce this kind of immigration, for intense, the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, he is trying to collect money to build up the wall between the borders of the United States and Mexico

In the hope that this decision would reduce illegal migration. However, most of these immigrants are living a hard life and that is the main reason why they are crossing the border. In our essay we were trying to describe what the poverty is, and how it is related to the immigration and governmental system. We defined both the immigration and the governmental system what kind of hardships that immigrants might face through their journey across the border, the types of hardships they might face after they get into the country, how the government deals with the immigration of all kinds, what are the possible solutions to reduce or stop the illegal immigration, also the the aid that immigrants might get when they get into the country, for intense, medaid, food stamp, grants and loans. 

All of that is to help the immigrant to establish their lives all over again, the system and not against the immigration, but the government is trying the maintain the safety of this nation and provide a stable life for all the people who live on this land. These immigrants are a responsibility of the United States of America do the government has to provide all the protection and try to provide a stable life for them so they can be able to depend on themselves and live a better life.

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