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Chronology Of The Unjust Native American Removal From Their Native Lands

Starting in the late eighteenth century and ending in the mid nineteenth century, there was a major crisis for Native American tribes as they weren’t being treated as they should have been by the United States. With the US still expanding West with no stopping...

The Rise and Fall of Cherokee Native American Culture

I chose the Cherokee Native American Culture because I have Cherokee Native American history in my family, but their culture, or way of life, has not been passed down in my family. What little I do know fascinates me, and I would like to learn...

The Devastating Effects of Cherokee Trail of Tears

Cherokee history was the most exceedingly awful. The Trail of Tears, which was the constrained movement of the Local Cherokee Indians from their familial home in the southeast to Oklahoma. The Cherokee individuals were Christian, urban and rural intermarried society who had upheld the US...

The Importance of Providing Native American Better Rights

First, it was genocide. Then, it was removal. Now, these issues have evolved into modern problems that affect Native Americans today. The United States government has been the chief cause of Native American suffering in the past, and the community today is still traumatized by...

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