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The Issue of Immigration in Honduras

Thousands of people fled Honduras the course of a few weeks November 2018, raising the question; why are so many people fleeing Honduras? Honduras is considered one of the least established countries in Central America with an extremely high crime, and poverty rate. Bartolo Fuentes...

Cast Away: The Accounts of the Refugee Experience

Introduction Charlotte McDonald-Gibson has been reporting on almost every aspect of the European migration crisis, and her book Cast Away offers a rare and a detailed glimpse into the life, dilemmas and the choices the refugees had to make at each stage of their agony....

Syrian Refugee Crisis in Europe

ISIS, a militarist Jihadist group formed in April 2013 and entered the chaos in which rebel groups and religious extremists fought against Syrian president Assad’s dictator regime. ISIS built strong totalitarian Islamic caliphate and quickly became the most violent and successful extremist organization of the...

Report on Syrian Refugee Camps near Lebanon

Even before the revolution started, citizens were complaining from a lack of jobs, corruption and political freedom. In March 2011, the southern city of Syria, Deraa had protests against the government which resulted the government to use deadly forces to end the small revolution they...

The Unstability of European Refugee Crisis

Introduction In the past 2 years, the dilemma of European Exile has been experienced growth which puts a great compression on European countries. The notorious disaster has roots in April 2015 as five ships transporting 2000 exiles overturned in the Mediterranean which lead to about...

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