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The Growth of Restrictive Australian Immigration Policy

Julia Bishop, the former Minister for Foreign Affairs, once described Australia as being “the most successful multicultural nation on Earth'. In that very same night, Sir Frank Lowy spoke about the benefits immigration has brought us, and urged our politicians for a more “ambitious immigration...

Immigration as a Boost for Economic Growth Productivity in America

When discussing immigration, it is a controversy filled with myths and is overall a touchy topic in today’s society, along with it being a relevant issue to this day. Many argue that immigrants in America are criminals, steal jobs, and are burdens some native-born. On...

Problems of Immigration: The Challenges Immigrants Face

With the increase in poverty, disease, persecution, famine, and war in different parts of the world, people are left with no choice but to leave their homeland. They flee their countries in hopes of providing a better future for themselves and their children. My family...

Benefits of Immigration: How Immigrants Help the Economy

Immigrants coming from the Northern Triangle have been fleeing their country not for economic opportunity, but for asylum. Gangs and groups in the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador) have pretty much taken over the countries and struck fear in the populations. Nearly forty percent...

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