Gunships or Rescue Mission: Immigration and Refugee Problem

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There are many top news breaking stories that are happening around the world, but none of them have the same significance as the immerging immigration and refugee problem. Halfway around the world, in the Mediterranean, there is a number of refugees and immigrants that are traveling, risking their lives, smuggling, trying to fight for a better life. Like in Patrick Kingley’s The New Odyssey, on page 36-37 he states “You’re packed like sardines into the back of the truck, so on most trips someone dies of dehydration, or falls off the side. One Eritrean I meet says eight people died in the heat. Other interviewees say they suffered broken limbs after their car overturned….” These quotes depict how far these struggling immigrants will go and how much they might endure just to seek a better life. This is a pressing issue, one that most of which the majority of the public are unaware of.

Although in today’s society most people turn a blind eye to this new topic of immigration. Some may consider it an issue, and some may not. However, it caught the eye of a now public figure who had a unique view. In a controversial but yet compelling article titled “Rescue Boats? I’d Rather use Gunships to Stop Immigrants”, author Katie Hopkins explains her optimistic views on the immigration “issue”. She has a very strong willed, and very unique opinion about this topic, but so does the rest of America, who’s boundaries she overstepped. Reading an article of such, makes me realize that she is very angry about the immigration issue, is very passionate about her opinion and feels no compassion to these struggling humans in any aspect. Katie says in her piece such as, 'No, I don’t care. Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating in water, play violins and show me skinny people looking sad. I still don’t care.”, and personally hearing her say these things, makes me quite uncomfortable. I would respond to her in a way of simply asking why? Why is she seemingly okay with ending people’s lives…and why is she so open about it? These people are struggling in their homelands. These families are risking it all to create a better life for them and their children. For example, Hashem and his smuggling journey that is narrated throughout the entire book of The New Odyssey. Although her opinions can be viewed as inhumane and crude, her article still provides valuable contributions regarding the emerging issue of immigration around the world. Her strong opinions provide an alternate view of the opposing side. For instance, Katie states “As it turns out, I do care. I care passionately about British truckers and taxpayers in the UK.” And also states her take on the “simple solution” to fix this problem. On the contrary I feel as if Hopkins’s assessment comes off as irrational and a bit extreme. Her choice of words and use of ideas radiates a sense of selfishness and a lack of consideration for the needs of struggling immigrants. I consider her perspective morally wrong and inhumane. Like when she claims that “these migrants are like cockroaches”, and how we should be “drilling a few holes in their boats”. I also find some of the things she says to be a bit childish in a way. Such as when she claims “these migrants are like cockroaches” and how “If you think rescue boats are a good idea, you may as well set up a Libya to Italy P&O ferry service and send your taxes to Africa by direct debit for good measure”. I find these lines a bit humorous that Hopkins cannot address these people for who they are. I believe these humans to be strong, brave and courageous. They do things that no American would ever imagine doing. We have never and may not ever have to be faced with such hard decisions like to leave our families and our lives behind and cram on a small and weary boat, float down the Mediterranean Sea, with the ultimate unknown of survival, like the smugglers in The New Odyssey. On pages 142-143 Kingsley states how, men were “separated from their relatives before they left Libya” and again on page 143 he addresses how crammed the boats are. He states, “but a boat of 650 refugees, crammed onto every last plank of the deck, and into every last space in the hold…”. If Katie Hopkins was right about anything it would be how Europe must develop a stronger retaliation to limit the number of refugees coming into their countries, if the country as a whole thinks the migrants are an issue. I agree with her on the aspects of it possibly becoming an issue in the future and impacting the world if thousands of people continue migrating over, but I do believe there is much easier and more compassionate way of doing so rather than sabotaging their resources and killing off an entire population of innocent humans like she suggests. Personally, I have a few ideas on how it might be easier to manage the situation of mass groups coming into the country. The obvious being better security or make it easier on the immigrants to obtain a true visa, or better opportunities to help them out. Have a more positive outlook, hear their stories step into their shoes and truly understand why they are doing what they’re doing. Taking into consideration what these humans are going through or have gone through to obtain a better life and help them out.

Regardless of the opinions there is still the growing issue and concern of unsolved immigration laws and issues, and it is far from being past us. After reading The New Odyssey, and reading Katie Hopkins’s “Rescue Boats? I’d Rather use Gunships to Stop Immigrants”, they changed my views on immigration and makes me want to help make a change. We are living through it. The time is now. These immigration issues are worldwide. That means us as a society need to come together and put our personal bias aside and help with the obvious issue, these struggling individuals and their families. In the end, we are all human beings who deserve the same equality no matter where you come from.

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