The Effects Of Poverty On Society

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Poverty is a problem within the world. Being so that most people that are in these conditions will not get any further because the economic resources and standards of living are extremely low and have no intentions of bettering. Society today has been taught those who are poor are this way due to their own inaction and laziness. Furthermore, most assume these individuals fall short of the upkeep of American views and ideas. Because the poor are more associated with crime, many wealthy Americans fear them. This being result of the general misconceived truths of the poor. The truth is the true issue of poverty has never been dealt with since most Americans and politicians have focused their point on the effects of poverty on society instead of what causes it. Poverty can be improved by the education of the youth, government assistance, and employment. With these improvements’ poverty will become better among Americans.

Firstly, the improvement of education to the youth must be a rising concern. Most kids that live in poverty do not succeed in academics. Students who live in poverty are not granted the tools for success. Resulting in them falling behind their fellow classmates physically and socially. The first being physical, with poverty comes improper nutrition which leads to poor health. When children do not eat regular, nutritiously balanced meals, their bodies become open to sickness. These students who suffer more from lack of nutrition and do become sick fall behind their healthy classmates. Secondly, they fall behind socially, most students come from stricken families and experience real-life situations that hinder them socially and emotionally.

Studies have shown that many modern students live in single-parent households. With it only being a single parent home the parent experiences a greater amount of stress. Which can turn into not a positive impact on the child life. The negative and unstable home environment can further manifest into behavioral issues at school. Secondly, improvement of government assistance. The government provides at one full understood welfare-type program to roughly one out of every five Americans. The government has 100 different welfare programs that focus on freeing about 48 million people out of poverty. However, there are ways that our welfare system fails to prepare people on how to take care of themselves.

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Which counteracts making poor people more financially debt, and creates incentives to remain on welfare forever. This shows how the government makes people believe that they are getting the package deal but are not. The biggest failure of government welfare programs is the secret promise to help with consumption. But doing this without placing emphasis on the basic job training or anything to do with helping the poor people become more self-sufficient. All in all the wealthy get wealthier and the poor get poorer. The government uses Medicaid,food stamps to create a depiction of help but truly it improves the government productivity and cuts down social cost caused by crime poor health and malnutrition.

Lastly, is employment. Many people are stagnant in poverty because they are unable to find a job that pays a well living wage or unlucky to find a job at all. Unemployment and underemployment often contribute to poverty. Of the 40.6 million Americans that live in poverty, 56.1 percent are working-age adults, 18 to 64. Among the poor aged 18 to 64, 40.8 percent worked for a part of the year and many of the ones unemployed reported barriers to paid work or reported engagement in productive activities in 2014. Poverty and unemployment doesn’t affect everyone the same. People of color experience unemployment and poverty unfairly.

This also affect members of the nondominant groups, being the groups who are commonly oppressed. In conclusion, poverty is a disease that affects everyone. And become the main focus of America. the idea that poverty is a self-based thing like a choice is not true. Most people have been born in poverty and has stayed as a product of their environment. But if government and us as a people bring awareness things could drastically improve. For America to be the richest country and for 43.1 million people to be living in poverty is disturbing. Poverty can be changed and bettered but we have to believe that everyone deserves a fair shot at life. Not the idea that if you’re poor it’s because of your own inaction and laziness. Poverty affects everyone in the long run. And everyone should be informed about how.

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