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Asian American Discrimination In Education

When we imagine getting into college in the US it often looks like a race to fill a limited number of seats. Harvard's recent discrimination lawsuit allegedly discriminating against Asian Americans students has once more highlighted the affirmative action debate. But the problem is, the...

Racial Stereotypes Of Asian Americans In The Media

Racism, stereotyping, and discrimination all remain prevalent matters in modern American society. This is especially evident looking into one of America's most powerful outlets of information and entertainment, the media. Hollywood is one example that often sacrifices the accurate portrayal of the race for the...

Representation Of Asian Americans In Hollywood

Western movies are among the top of the movie industry, best known for their works which depict many cultural references. With the nonstop expansion in the movie market, to attract viewers from many countries throughout the world, many movie industries had started to recruit more...

Lack Of Asian American Representation In Media

There is a lack of Asian American representation in mainstream media. I remember a time in my childhood where I would turn the TV on and find numerous shows without an Asian American cast member. As the years passed, I started to notice that more...

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