History Behind Famous Beatles Songs

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‘‘Electrifying’’ is a word you can use to describe the Beatles. The Beatles was one of the most popular bands of their generation if not ever. The Beatles impacted society through three significant songs, “Eleanor Rigby”, “Tomorrow Never Knows”, and “Let it be.”

The Beatles fame started around February 7th, 1964 when they arrived from Great Britain. Their music struck everyones’ attention pretty quickly because of their quirky attitudes and style they raised the bar for teen idol quality they were a mix of all the things teens liked there was Paul, the cute and adorable one; John, the smart and slightly dangerous one; George, the quiet and shy one; and Ringo, the fun and goofy one. Not only did they impact teens through being people they can relate to with style and personality they also impacted the whole society through music and their crazy experimentations with songs that everyone loved, other bands and singers included.

First, Eleanor Rigby. There are plenty of stories about the origins of The Beatles’ song 'Eleanor Rigby.'

Legend has it that Eleanor Rigby was a fictional character — that the two names were chosen by Paul McCartney based on an actress he knew and a liquor store in Bristol. But there may well have been a real Eleanor Rigby, and Annie Mawson says she may have proof. Mawson runs a charity called Sunbeams Trust, which uses music to help people with physical and mental health issues.

Nearly 20 years ago, Mawson wrote an emotional 11-page letter to Paul McCartney explaining, she says, about 'the transformative power of music, and especially how some of his songs have helped our children communicate.... It was just full of stories of the children who had improved so much through music, who didn't even speak.

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'About nine months later, a response arrived in the mail. 'The envelope was exciting, because it was a brown envelope stamped with his Paul McCartney World Tour logo, unique to him,' Mawson says. 'So I was very intrigued, because I knew it had to come from him. And inside this envelope was a beautiful ancient parchment from 1911, from a hospital in Liverpool. And on the document, there were three stamps. I saw it was a roll call of names, and they'd all received their wages. And one of them was a scullery maid, called E. Rigby. And she'd received one pound three and 11 pence. And then she had signed for her money.'

In a graveyard in Liverpool lies a gravestone bearing the name Eleanor Rigby. Its deeds are being auctioned later as a part of a sale of Beatles memorabilia, but what is the real story behind the fab fours famous hit? It is tempting to picture the teenage Lennon and McCartney somberly contemplating the headstone, imagining the life of Eleanor and later dreaming up the lyrics.

Next, we have Tomorrow never knows wrote in 66 this song became a classic. John Lennon wrote the song and it was inspired by The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based On The Tibetan Book Of The Dead. He got the idea after going home and taking lsd. The song is basily about being high and relaxed not worrying about everyday problems. “Turn off your mind”, “Relax and float downstream”, “It is not dying” these lyrics are repeated throughout the song because the book states that “whenever in doubt, turn off your mind and relax.

As great as this song was it did fail to get any awards. The Rolling Stones did rank the song 18 on the Beatles top 100 list. The album it was on stayed on the number 1 spot for 6 weeks. The album also went platinum and sold millions of copies. The song overall had a big influence on society it was a very different song to be released with the many different tones and the crazy lyrics it not only showed the fans what the beatles were capable of it showed the beatles that they could do something different and crazy and still have fans this song has also influenced other artists and bands to make trippy songs like this.

Written by Paul McCartney during the sessions for The Beatles aka the “ White Album” “Let It Be” was inspired by a dream the singer had of his deceased mother mary assuring him that amongst the beatles slow break up that everything would be all right. McCartney transformed the song into a gospel style version for the get back sessions that would eventually be released as the album Let It Be. The earliest known performance of “Let It Be” occured on January 3rd, 1969, during rehearsals for the LIB project.

The beatles weren’t the first to release this song Aretha Franklin was the queen of soul released it in December 1969 on her album “ Tis Girls in love with you”. Let it be actually got a grammy award for best instrumental composition written specifically for a motion picture or for television. The album let it be which features let it be has sold over 545 million copies since its release on May 8th, 1970. This song to this day is still used in tv shows and in movies because it has made such a tremendous effect on society that it is still able to stand regardless of all the present music released because it was such an overwhelming amazing song.

The Beatles have made such a huge impact on society that recently a movie was made about them featuring many of their famous hits this band has made such a humongous impact on society ever since they arrived in the 60s that their fans still stand by their music and they develop more and more fans every single day. They not only influenced people through their music they influenced people through their style, their tone, their attitudes, they made such a huge impact that it would be hard for any modern day band or artist to compete with. This is how The Beatles left their impact on society and this is why they are still relevant.

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